Feminine Business Model

I love this concept of “affiliate marketing”. Instead of hierarchical business model structures and “pain point” marketing, I want to envision a new way of women doing business in integrity. This is a way where everyone benefits. I receive support with sharing my work on a larger scale, you receive compensation for sharing this work, and the woman you’re referring benefits by getting a discount. Everyone wins in this scenario and everyone makes/saves money!

In my vision of sharing my work on a larger scale, I recognize that it includes weaving a web of community and sharing wealth among resonant and aligned women. This is the way to a new paradigm of feminine leadership and business.

In those who I work with as affiliates, I ask that you promote my work with the highest integrity and service, sharing the vision of supporting more sovereign women in their wholeness and healing. Knowing that the more women that are truly in their power, the better! On this page I share about what each course is about for your own marketing efforts and other information you need to know.


About Me

Hello! If you’re here at this page, you probably know who I am and my work, but I want to give an introduction as well since sometimes you may have pieces of information here and there.

My name is Bethany Wilde, I am a mother, author of the book Pelvic Awakening, and have been a bodyworker for years specializing in holistic pelvic + womb care. I have a BA in Somatic Psychology, where I spent my last year creating my own course of study to understand body-based healing. Then I began as “just” a bodyworker, but I quickly evolved my work to include energy work, somatic trauma healing tools, guided meditations, story medicine, emotional and lifestyle counseling. When I became a mother, I knew my work had to shift because I wanted to be fully present with my daughter. I started offering more online sessions and then developed online programs to share my work with a wider audience and allow me to build passive income.

When I began in this work, it was REALLY hard to find the information I was seeking about energetic and spiritual wellness, holistic pelvic bodywork/energy work, womb healing, and more. Most trainings I took were either quite physically oriented, or purely spiritually focused. I feel one of my gifts is my vision to marry it all together, to know that our true health lies in weaving together: the physical, emotional, spiritual, energetic, and relational aspects of our lives. And when practitioners ignore any one of those, that is not holistic health care. Holistic means to integrate the whole.

You can read more pieces of my story HERE and HERE

My Courses

This is a foundational practitioner-level training that walks you through specializing in women’s integrative health centered around womb + pelvic care.

Read my in-depth sales page HERE.


Other Selling Points:


  • A PayPal line of credit is no interest for 6 months (and they even give those with “bad credit” a line, so it’s worth an application if someone is struggling!). This makes payment substantially easier and reduces my risk of those not paying. This makes my practitioner training after their discount, only $314 for 6 months with no interest. Or, they can extend it as long as they need, and pay some interest on it. They can choose their paypal line of credit at checkout.
  • Sometimes you need an in-person workshop for certain skillsets, and sometimes an online course is even better. With this, they will have lifetime access to all content right in front of them, ready to re-play, re-read, and pore over again and again. No more quickly handwritten notes they can’t decipher. The workshop isn’t just done in a weekend, it’s lifetime. And they get all future updates that happen. They also have access to regular Q+A recordings for hive-mind questions on any topic where they can personally contribute as well. It’s like a long-term mentorship. They save on the costs of travel to an in-person workshop: plane tickets, lodging, missed work and childcare. I love the possiblilities of online learning.

Compensation Structure

How it all works…

When someone uses your unique coupon code, they receive 15% off the cost of the program.

You receive almost 30% commission on each sale (I’m rounding to an even # because no one wants $666!), which is on the higher end in comparison with other affiliate programs. I make payouts on the last day of the month for all sales made within that month, by Venmo (no fees).

Income potential is unlimited.


Holistic Pelvic Wellness Practitioner Training
Total Cost: $2,222
Discount to Buyer: -$333= $1,889
Your Commission: $650




Send an email to hello@bethanywilde.com with:


  • Your name
  • Social media URL’s
  • How/why you want to promote my work
  • What you would like your unique coupon code to be
  • Your Venmo username