Wild Birthkeeping

Serving women + families in Austin, TX

Hello mama…

Do you see pregnancy and birth as a spiritual experience and rite of passage?

A time of nourishment, female connection, growth, and honoring?

Are you frustrated with the lack of aligned options, doulas who just see you a couple of times and then are expected to be invited into the most primal, deeply transformative experience of your life?

I want to offer something new. But also very ancient – a way of having a woman walk with you during your pregnancy that you know you’ve been searching for.

I trust you. I trust birth. Deeply. And I’m certainly not for everyone. I’m for the woman who:

– Wants to birth autonomously + be the leader in her care, but doesn’t want to do it alone

– Seeks a loving, compassionate sister who knows she can birth powerfully, and holds the lighthouse for her during the challenging times

– Wants sisterhood connection and ancestral female support

– Who wants a different model of prenatal, birth and postpartum care + nourishment (see below)

– Is looking for someone to walk with who is passionate about physiologic birth and centers your choices and intuition completely

“Have you ever been around homebirth women telling their power stories, especially at night around a fire circle? They say, “What I can do, you can do! What you can do, I can do! What one woman can do, all women can do!” They are feeling the power of their great-great-grandmothers’ knowing. If you are near, you will see the ears of a new pregnant mother perk up. She longs for the stories and wonders what her story will be. She questions aloud and in her heart. She says she just wants what’s best for her baby, but it isn’t true. She wants it all. She wants bliss and power and a long motherhood. She wants to be one of the powerful storytellers in the circle.”


Sister Morningstar

What is a Birthkeeper?

In this current time, midwife is a title that is now owned by the state, and is a specific role. But there is a distinct difference between a medical midwife and a traditional midwife. Traditional midwifery, also known as a traditional birth attendant or birthkeeper, is someone who walks with women along their pregnancies and offers non-medical support. They support normal, physiological birth and do not intervene medically. You make all decisions for yourself and your family; I am simply here to be a sister: offering a listening ear, helping you unpack your heart and offering information on various options, based on my studies, experience, wisdom + resources.

Women often seek the care of birthkeepers because they are looking for someone who doesn’t pathologize their pregnancy, seeing this time as a normal, healthy one in a woman’s life. Maybe they’ve “risked out” of the system for whatever reason, but still feel very healthy. Maybe they are seeking more holistic and non-medical care. Maybe they want to have a freebirth and be the true leader in their care, but they want to also have wise woman companionship and support. There are so many reasons.

I am deeply inspired by the words and vision of elder midwife Sister Morningstar, in the preservation of instinctive birth and true community support. I want to quote what traditional pregnancy, birth + postpartum support can look like, and share a couple of articles for you to read…

Homebirth – The Power of One | Midwifery Today | Sister Morningstar

Hands On, Hands Off: Midwifing the Inner Life of Women | Midwifery Today | Sister Morningstar

“We spoke of the importance of relationships, time in nature, every bite counting, dreams, desires, demons, and the intense soul-work necessary for birthing with the modern current of technology and fear around birth. I spoke of the importance of creating a prenatal village for her and other young, expecting mothers and how a postpartum plan is part of every prenatal visit.”

– Sister Morningstar

How do I re-imagine what prenatal care could be? Throughout your pregnancy, we will meet many times – at your home, or walks in nature. I’ll bring you nourishing food and drinks, and listen to what’s on your heart. Spend time with your family and children, and my child. Listen to your dreams, build trust + relationship. Perhaps you need to process fears and any past birth experiences. Fill your freezer with delicious postpartum meals. Maybe one visit you are seeking belly or a foot massage, or needing gentle energy work. We can talk about the intelligence of physiological birth, and traditional and herbal remedies for what you’re going through.

What My Birthkeeping Support Looks Like…


  • On-going text/voice support throughout pregnancy
  • Monthly prenatal visits (see above for some ideas of what that could look like)
  • Birth support, from active labor to an hour after birth (on-call 37 weeks+ for you)
  • 1 Postpartum visit (see my postpartum care page for deeper support), where I bring along a meal, flowers + new mama basket of special handcrafted + organic items
  • Access to my lending library of books
  • Access to a library of resources I’ve created: guided meditations, e-books on wisdom + practices for healing, womb connection + more…
  • Referrals as desired to my list of local, like-minded practitioners 
  • Community: you are welcome + encouraged to attend my mother’s circles and gatherings

In the spirit of honoring and continuing the ways of village and family-centered birth, I offer my support by a suggested donation scale of $1,000-3,000 with payment plans if needed (due in full before I go on-call for your birth). Please know, I am a full-time mama and will be bringing her along sometimes/often.

If this is something that calls to you, let’s meet. Fill out my form below to share a little about who you are and where you’re at, and I will reach out to you within a day to set up a meeting.