What would it feel like to guide women in a return to their own power and vibrant health?

To be the leader of a soul and heart-led, thriving, women’s wellness business?

If you are seeking more tools, wisdom + practices to guide women in their healing journeys, this mentorship journey was made for you.

If you are a women’s wellness practitioner or guide, or anyone who serves women + feels there is a gap in their knowledge for holistic pelvic health support…this course is for you.

Be Initiated into the Medicine Woman Path...

This foundational training will guide you through a knowledge-set in supporting women’s truly holistic pelvic wellness. You will…

▽ Deepen into the Medicine Woman path, becoming an integral guide and space-holder

▽ Learn about the mystical female body, the phases and cycles of a woman’s life + supporting her at each step

▽ Understand the most common women’s health issues in the area of the sacred pelvic bowl + practices for healing

▽ Learn how to deepen your support of sovereign mothers in the areas of conscious fertility preparation, vibrant pregnancy, postpartum wellness + birth injury guidance.

▽ Receive an abundance of tools + practices for healing, including womb massage, yoni steaming + massage, castor oil magic, guided meditations, energy healing + clearing + more 

You Will Emerge From This Journey…

▽ Feeling confident, inspired + well-resourced to work with women in their womb wellness, whether you are just starting out or already work with women.

▽ Understanding the multi-faceted nature of common women’s health issues and ready to offer potent tools + practices for real healing

▽ Skilled as a beginning guide and wisdom-keeper in womb medicine

▽ With the tools to create a thriving, soul-led business facilitating healing in others, and create multiple income streams within women’s wellness.

I know this calling well…

I went to massage school with a clear vision of serving women in their vibrant health through womb and pelvic care.

I learned valuable bodywork skills, but most of what I know I learned AFTER I graduated: in private mentorships, specific trainings, and deep internal listening to guide me.

I didn’t have a lot of models or teachers when I was learning about this, so I learned through the women I served what it meant to show up for them, listen, and walk with them on their healing journeys.

I learned through my sovereign pregnancy and birth to TRUST women. To trust our intelligent bodies. I wanted to become the practitioner that I would have desired: the true Wise Woman, and not someone who thinks they know better. I wanted to weave together the importance of physical-emotional-spiritual-energetic-relational health as integral to our true wellness.

This course is my love offering to all those who answer the sacred call to support women and mothers in their healing journeys. I feel this is the most important work of our times. Supporting sovereign women and giving them the keys to their own healing, we understand this is the medicine for humanity healing.


“Bethany has such a warm and soothing energy, I felt like I was sitting with a beloved sister or auntie who was passing down this incredible women’s wisdom. All we need is within us, but sometimes we need a mirror to be able to see it and I feel like Bethany is that mirror. The depth of knowledge she shares is so beautiful.”

Alexandra Wright

Learning Journey

1. Initiation into the Medicine Woman


*  Walking the Medicine Woman Path
* Deepening into the Integral Guide
* Power Dynamics + Serving Sovereign Women
* Supporting Harmony in the Body
* Awakening Intuition
* The Art of Guided Meditations

2. The Mystical Female Body


* Feminine Cycles + Rhythms
* Female Energetic Anatomy
* Pelvic Bowl Anatomy
* The Yoni Temple
* Moon Cycle Wisdom
* Natural + Herbal Contraception

3. Womb + Pelvic Wisdom

* The Realm of Pelvic Healing
* Teaching a Yoni Massage Practice
* The Yoni Microbiome + Healing Imbalances
* Healing the Cervix
* Pelvic Awakening Exercises
* Herbal Pelvic Steaming
* Castor Oil Magic
* Abdominal-Pelvic Massage
* Supporting Pelvic Organ Imbalances

4. Somatic Trauma Alchemy

* Introduction to Somatic Healing
* Trauma in the Pelvis
* Re-Imprinting Trauma
* Healing After Hysterectomy
* Healing Pelvic Pain
* Sexual Trauma
* Energetic Alchemy for Guides

5. Sovereign Motherhood

* Conscious Fertility
* Pelvic Wellness in Pregnancy
* Supporting Postpartum Well-Being
* Holding Space for Birth Trauma
* Holistic Birth Injury Healing
* Supporting Pregnancy Release

This is more than a training...

...it's an initiation. Let's re-envision what healthcare can look like.
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Who is this training ideal for?

This training will help guide and specialize holistic health practitioners and women’s guides and coaches in womb and pelvic wellness. Here is a list of who may resonate with this material:

▽ TCM doctors/acupuncturists
▽ Prenatal chiropractors
▽ Massage therapists, bodyworkers
▽ Energy workers
▽ Midwives, doulas, birth-keepers
▽ Herbalists
▽ Nutritionists
▽ Women’s coaches/guides
▽ Any woman who feels the call to walk with women in their healing journeys


Who is this training not for?

Who is this training not for? This training is not for men. It’s also not for those who have no interest in elevating consciousness, reflecting on integrity, or supporting sovereign women. The course is also focused on the energetic and spiritual, but it’s all shared with an invitation, personal perspective, and encouragement to hold your own beliefs.

Also important to share, this training is 100% not for someone who is taking this to turn around and create their own practitioner/professional training based on this knowledge. By taking this course, you are agreeing to not reproduce my content for profit. This is about being in integrity and being morally and spiritually accountable to your teachers – so if this is your intention with this course, please seek another training.


What is the structure/flow and time commitment?

All lessons are in an online portal, and you have lifetime access to them and all updates that come. Courses offers a variety of teachings, with audio, video and pdf lessons.

The benefits of an online library are many: all the information is accessible to you at any time and well-organized, and you don’t need to pore over many pages of confusing and disjointed notes (like the kind you take at in-person workshops). You can rewind or re-read, again and again. It will benefit you for years to come. It is also MUCH more knowledge combined than you will find in a similar priced, in-person workshop (I’ve taken many, so I can compare).

I highly encourage you to put what you learn into practice right away after you’ve finished a lesson, whether it’s reflection or sharing it in a session. That is the best way to integrate the knowledge.


Do you offer refunds/payment plans?

Due to the nature of the training, I don’t offer refunds. Please make sure you are committed and excited before purchasing. E-mail me if you have questions at hello@bethanywilde.com. I don’t offer payment plans, but you can get one yourself through a Paypal line of credit and choose it when checking out. They offer 6 months of no-interest financing, making it only $370/mo or less if you extend payments – or $250/mo if you get it at the early bird price (see bottom of page).


What can I do after finishing the training in full?

You can offer all of the tools and practices you’ve learned to women in your community, to support them through menstrual and reproductive challenges, emotional healing, along the motherhood journey, and at different phases of their lives. You can offer this wisdom in 1:1 sessions, workshops, trainings, circles and gatherings. With additional herbal knowledge, you can sell a wide variety of internal and topical medicines to support women in their healing. You can distribute booklets and zines for DIY healing. You can create DIY healing courses on your website or in in-person workshops. There’s many possibilities and avenues. This work is easily offered either in person or online.

You can refer to yourself as a Holistic Pelvic Wellness practitioner or guide and name me as a teacher/mentor. After submitting 5 case studies and a testimonial, you can be listed on the practitioner directory on my website for women around the world to find you.

After completing the full training, you have the option to get a generous discount on bulk copies of my book Pelvic Awakening. I don’t make any money on this and offer this as a benefit to you and the women you serve. You can order with me any number of copies in bulk (25 minimum) at around $7 per book.


More questions? Send them my way at hello@bethanywilde.com. I will always be honest with you if I feel this training is right for you, and send you in another helpful direction if that is my intuitive feeling about your situation.

Become the Wise Woman that Women are Seeking...

You Will Receive…


Transformation. You will emerge with wisdom, a radically different perspective, and confidence in your ability to serve + support women.

Specialization. There are 5 modules of transformative, powerful downloads, and practical wisdom with information you won’t find anywhere else on serving sovereign women in their pelvic wellness.

Community + Mentorship. Access to a private Facebook group to post your questions and experiences and receive answers from me and other women.

Marketing. Be listed on the practitioner directory on my website as a Holistic Pelvic Wellness guide + reach women all over the world.


Lesson Guides

Beautiful, visually appealing e-book lessons throughout the course. Used when text is the best format to transmit this knowledge to you.There are 200+ pages of lessons.


Audio Classes

In these audio classes, I transmit powerful downloads that are easy to listen on the go. There are over 6 hours of recorded audio classes throughout the course.

Video Presentations

Presentations + videos packed with only the most important knowledge and practices, and helpful wisdom. There are over 9 hours of videos.


Included along with lessons are numerous client handouts + brochures, additional reading, and many external links to valuable resources along the way.

The exchange for this practitioner training is $2,222.

Pre-order now for early bird pricing and receive the entire training for $1,500 when it comes out. This offer ends on the new moon July 28, 2022 – when the training will be available.