Closing Blessing

Sister, you are so strong and wise for doing this work. The womb is a portal, and in seeking healing, we affect so much more than ourselves. That’s why this is such a holy undertaking.

It is my deepest prayer that you come away from this course with the experience now, of having felt through the meditations and practices what possibility lives within you.

The knowing that you can shift darkness or numbness or any other emotion, into something else. That is true power. Keep working with these tools and evolve them within yourself, and you will walk the path of self-mastery.


We’re going to close out this course with a blessing, called The Rite of the Womb. The story of this rite goes like this: this was given by the spirit of the jungle, to a female shaman in the Q’ero tribe of Peru, who within their tradition have a lineage of women who have freed themselves from suffering. And this is what they want us to remember:

The womb is not a place to store fear and pain

The womb is a place to create and give birth to life

Through reciting this mantra with both hands over your womb, you invoke and activate this rite within yourself. Once you have received this rite, you can nurture its power by reciting this with both hands over your womb during your bleeding time, each cycle during the 13 moons of the span of a year. And if you’d like to collect your blood during this time, you can pour it on the Earth as you recite these words (and if you are not in the fertile phase of your life, you can do this on the new moon, pouring red wine onto the Earth):

I release my fear so I may embrace freedom
I release my pain so I may embrace joy
I release my anger so I may embrace compassion
I release my sadness so I may embrace peace

 Share this rite with women in your community. Every time it is shared and practiced, it strengthens its collective power, to free all women from suffering as well as strengthening its own power within your womb.


Bethany’s Note:

After you have gone through this course, I’d love to receive your stories, feedback, anything that you are wanting more of – reach out to me at

Infinite blessings + light on your divine path