Energetic Anatomy

This lesson below is an exploration into the topic of (female) energetic anatomy. The reason we focus on this and not physical anatomy (like muscles or hormones) is because once you learn about these areas, you can utilize them as a source or channel, or to release energy. This is part of how we heal and find true wellness in our body.

What is energy? There are many definitions, but I see it as pure life force. You cannot see it, but you can feel it. Just like water has many forms (vapor, liquid, solid), energy is a flow of life force that shifts and molds itself to show up in different ways. It can be palpably felt in moments of intensity, where a concentration occurs (like when you are about to speak publicly and you feel butterflies in your stomach, or you feel desire for someone as a heat throughout your yoni). Where energy flows in your body, there is health. Where there is no energy flow, there is stagnation and ill health.

Energy easily and quickly moves in your body when you focus on sensations. Energy and emotions are intertwined, as the emotions we feel move energy in our body, thus affecting our health and overall consciousness. Remembering that emotions are fleeting, we can start to become more curious when we feel sensations in our body.

We can bring energy to areas with our simple conscious awareness and presence to a sensation. Just focusing on an area brings blood flow and circulation, and thus, energy. Connecting to these pathways of energy as shared in this lesson will help you create and stimulate flow in your body. Let’s explore…