Discovering Your Womb Story

This meditation is taken from my book, where we learn to uncover the stories that live within our womb, and through that, awaken the pelvic voice within us. This is our wisest voice, deeper than “gut” intuition for a woman; it is a voice that never lies and that which we can cultivate to receive clear messages.

The more you listen, the stronger it gets. It’s the voice that tells you…you need to end a relationship. A job. Take the next flight to Bali. Make this move, do this thing…it is your instinct. It knows what your conscious mind sometimes doesn’t want to acknowledge. It cuts through the noise with an unwavering knowing. It just knows.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes talks about this knowing that women have, but she does it through the archetype of the Wild Woman. Read this chapter HERE to remember her.

This meditation is great to do seasonally to renew and focus your connection with this voice, and to discover what stories we’ve been holding onto. Sometimes just the awareness of a story or a thought can bring a release, or healing, or a change in your life. The first time you do this, it is great to journal about your experiences and what came up for you. I offer a journal below that gives questions as a prompt, or you can intuitively reflect in your own way. Often, unexpected memories and feelings come up, and it is important to reflect on them afterward for integration.