Energetic Pelvic Bowl Clearing

With the foundation of understanding how to work with trauma and emotions that live in our bodies, understanding the energetic anatomy and rhythms and cycles that live within us, we can start to do the deeper work of clearing what we does not serve us anymore.

in this meditation, we will ground deeply into our root, our pelvic bowl, to see what is living there. We will use the power of visualization, and powerful felt experiences like love and joy, to clear out energies we do not wish to hold onto anymore, and re-imprint with the essence of what we want to live within us. It is always important to begin healing work grounded in self-love and self-compassion, and with positive energy, and then clear and release from there.

Always return to the trauma healing principles: go slow, focus on breath and sensations and not stories, and connect to the grounding cord that roots you to mother Earth. Let’s begin…