Pelvic Awakening

Heal, Clear + Align

And especially our womb which lies in the center of it all.

The stories of our sexual experiences, our birth journeys, and our core beliefs about womanhood.

The receiving nature of our womb means that we can store these memories unconsciously, or we can claim for ourselves what we want to be imprinted here.

We can transform grief, trauma, and shame – into joy, abundant creativity, and power.

Would you like to feel this potential, that is your birthright?

This course guides you through healing, clearing, and aligning your womb and pelvic space.

So you can move into rooted power and possibility…

Who is This Class For?

This class is made for the woman who feels she carries the weight of trauma but doesn’t know HOW to find healing. She knows there is a path through the body, through the pelvic space, but she needs some guidance and tools.

This class is for the woman who knows she would feel more grounded, more vitality, more joy…if she could release the weight of the stories + experiences that live within her.

You don’t know if it’s possible.

But I promise you.

It absolutely is, sister.


You will come away from this course…


♡ Feeling more rooted, clear, light, + vibrant within your pelvic bowl

♡ Understanding how trauma is stored in the body + ways to find deep and lasting healing

♡ With tools for deep embodiment + energy clearing within the pelvic bowl to prevent more trauma + dis-ease

“Bethany’s gentle guidance through meditations, visuals and written information helped me connect deeper to my whole body. I loved learning about the anatomical interconnectedness of our power centers! The course helped me release stored emotions and traumas that I didn’t realize were holding me back. I gained insightful tools for setting and reinforcing my boundaries. I am grateful for all the ways this course helps me deepen and strengthen my connection to my vessel! Thank you!”
Ariana S.

“As someone who has been a practitioner of womb healing for a decade, working with clients as well as in my personal healing journey, I can say that this course covers all of the most important elements of a foundational practice for the average woman aching to heal her relationship to her sexuality. The ancient conflicts that most all women have endured around sexual trauma are actually easier to heal than many of us think, provided that we are exposed to the proper perspectives and self-care activities, which Bethany has so beautifully laid out in a simple format. Making time to do this course will be a refreshing and grounding experience for any woman seeking peace with her body.”
Anjelica R.

We Will Explore…

Pelvic Bowl Energetic Anatomy

Emotional Imprints of Trauma Stored in Pelvis

Somatic/Body-Based Trauma Healing

Aligning With Feminine + Cyclical Rhythms

Discovering Your Womb Story

Practices on Clearing Energy + Boundary Building

Meditations on Pelvic Connection, Emotional Release + Balancing

Yoni Massage Practice for Clearing + Awakening

Womb Massage Practice for Physical Alignment, Flow + Deep Connection

Herbal Pelvic Steaming for Clearing Trauma

I consider my sensitivity to be my greatest gift…


But I didn’t always. I had to learn that the womb is a naturally receptive, alchemical space, and how to use that to my benefit!

I had many wounds around my sexual center as a young woman. I knew when I stepped into my sacred calling of being a guide for other women, that I couldn’t ignore the healing I needed to do.

And I knew all my work revolved around my pelvic bowl. I knew instinctively how much was stored here, I knew it was the centerpoint of both my pain + my power.

After years of working with women in shamanic, transformative healing spaces, I wrote my book Pelvic Awakening because I wanted to make this information accessible to as many women as possible: the knowing that our center as women lives in this sacred space.

And that so much of what holds back our power, creativity, and absolute joy, is the imprinting of trauma and wounds. But my book wasn’t the space to do a deep-dive into how to really clear and work through this trauma.

That’s where this course comes in.

I’m so honored to offer you the tools I’ve used to transform from a state of being constantly triggered and feeling broken – to being truly at peace and in my power.

Thank you for being here and honoring the call to do this sacred work.



This Course Includes:


 Lessons and guides on transformative wisdom you won’t find anywhere else

 Potent guided meditations to connect you to your pelvic bowl + release trauma

♡ Powerful + sacred womb practices for physical + emotional healing

BONUS: Energetics + Physiology After Birth (pdf)

BONUS: Resting in the Great Mother (guided meditation)

BONUS: Spiritual Bathing (ritual)

♡ LIFETIME access + all updates that come

Once you sign up below and pay $222, you will receive access to your course portal right away.

Doing this work, you affect not only your own path of healing and growth, but your lineage + all the relationships in your life. I truly honor you for answering this sacred call.