Holistic Pelvic Bodywork

Are you a woman seeking physical and emotional healing in your pelvic center?

Your connection to your feminine center matters.

How you experience this connection affects not just your menstrual cycles, your sexuality, your birth, postpartum and menopause experiences, but your life

It’s deeply important work.

What is Holistic Pelvic Bodywork?

Holistic Pelvic Bodywork sessions are highly individual and each session is co-created to address your goals and where you’re at in the moment. The foundation of my sessions are advanced external and internal pelvic bodywork techniques combined with guided body-based awareness to work with you both on a physical and energetic level. Many of the techniques I work with are rooted in Tami Kent’s amazing Holistic Pelvic Care, along with other talented intuitive bodyworkers I’ve learned from. I support women in all stages of their lives, from general pelvic wellness to preconception and fertility, to pregnancy, and healing and integrating after birth.

I’m honored to share this unique offering, where I combine my bodywork experience in women’s health and sacred lineage traditions from wise women healers, to provide a truly holistic space for your healing.

Is This Work For Me?

I believe these sessions can be beneficial to women in all stages of life, but may be particularly potent if you are experiencing any of the following:
  • You want to conceive and optimize your fertility
  • You are pregnant and wanting to prepare for birth physically, emotionally and spiritually
  • You are seeking a physical and/or emotional aid to recovery or integration after birth
  • You are seeking healing from birth trauma/injuries and scar tissue/adhesions from a cesarean
  • You have experienced sexual trauma, ** have undergone extensive counseling and are seeking the next step to re-patterning your physical and energetic body
  • You feel disconnected from your pelvic bowl, creativity, deep energy and/or femininity and feel ungrounded and “off-center”
  • You are seeking deeper healing from a miscarriage, abortion or pregnancy loss
  • You have been struggling with menstrual or reproductive issues of any kind

What Can I Expect During A Session?

Know that every session is unique and tailored to where you’re at, but below I detail some of the key areas we will work with so you feel prepared. Before our first appointment, I will send you a few pages with suggestions on how to prepare, and some thoughts for aftercare.

Our first session together will start with a thorough intake based on the form you filled out when you booked your appointment. We can share cup(s) of loose-leaf, organic tea and you can share your story, where you’d like healing/focus around presently, and your goals for where you’d like to be.

Bodywork starts with education. I have a pelvic bowl model and other tools to describe where I’ll be working and to share with you the territory of your pelvic space. This is a fascinating part for most women! I will let you know that you are the guide, and we will work at your pace, based on verbal cues as well as working with the pace of your tissues.

I start out sessions doing external advanced pelvic (hip, sacrum, tailbone) bodywork techniques, external abdominal and uterine massage, sacral myofascial release, scar tissue work, acupressure, energy medicine or other modalities as intuited. When we get to the internal pelvic bodywork if we’ve agreed, I will sit on a stool beside you while working and know that I will always be wearing a glove and inform you of everything I’m doing. I start with assessment of your pelvic floor musculature and guide you through a vaginal mapping exercise.

During the session I will ask you to be deeply present wherever I am working, and walk you through guided meditations and visualizations as I am working internally. Often the process is interactive as women let me know images or thoughts that come up, or share sensations they notice in their body. Each session is uniquely different depending on what comes up physically or energetically.

My main goal is to show up wholeheartedly for you with deep presence, skill and honoring of you in this moment, and with no agenda. I recognize the intimate nature of this work, and honor all women who are open and trusting to enter into this territory for their own deep healing.

If we are doing internal work, we will do another re-evaluation your pelvic floor and notice any changes since the beginning of the session. Then I will walk you through a closing meditation, releasing and grounding into your root and integrating your experience into your being. For external closing techniques, I do energy holds similar to craniosacral techniques.

After your first session, if we both wish to continue to work together, we will come up with a plan for future sessions and integrating different modalities depending on your goals, time-frame and budget. I like to suggest a series of sessions for the deepest and most consistent healing results.

Benefits of Holistic Pelvic Bodywork


I offer Fertility Massage, where we focus on your abdomen, uterus and other reproductive organs.

Through helping restore your uterus and other reproductive organs into alignment and increasing blood and energy flow, you increase the chances of conceiving and maintaining a healthy pregnancy. Not only that, but this can support a healthy and easier birth, and postpartum healing.

On an emotional and spiritual level, connecting with this part of yourself prepares you to trust in the wisdom of yourself to navigate motherhood and release old energies to make way for new life.


Women have unique life situations that impact us, and can affect our reproductive anatomy and emotional selves.

From miscarriages and abortions, to sexual violations or negative imprints about what it means to be a woman, these memories and feelings get stored within our pelvic bowl and tissues and can cause disease.

Working with the pelvic space is sacred, and it can bring up some core issues. Working with your body in this way can help process difficult experiences held here related to your femininity and sexuality, and help release and integrate them.


A smoother pregnancy and birth experience can come when you are in optimal alignment.

Through advanced pelvic bodywork techniques, we can work to balance your pelvis and sacrum, reduce fascial, uterine ligament and tissue restrictions to help your body prepare for birth. Internal work can help release pelvic floor muscles that are crucial for opening pelvic bones during birth.

I incorporate gentle energy reading to see where there is reduced flow, and help you feel rooted, grounded and balanced in preparation for such a transformative experience.



Every woman deserves to know her reproductive anatomy and have the tools for her own healing.

If you are interested in simply connecting to who you are as a woman and your reproductive anatomy, this work is a great investment in self-care.

Sessions are meant to be informative, holistic and co-creative. You’ll experience a connectedness to your feminine center and what this means for you, receive knowledge about your unique body and learn many tools of self-healing, including a womb self-massage routine for at home.


After pregnancy and birth, nourishing bodywork is essential for your healing.

In addition to the deep emotional and spiritual changes, pregnancy itself also created changes to your pelvic floor muscles, abdominal and pelvic organs and the fascia and tissues of this area.

Holistic Pelvic Bodywork along with other practices such as belly wrapping and herbal pelvic steaming, helps bring your organs back into alignment (especially after prolapse) and contributes to healing. After cesarean, this is excellent work for scar tissue and adhesions.


Your cycles can be painless, easy and even pleasurable.

Symptoms such as tender breasts, PMS, painful or irregular periods, endometriosis, cysts, fibroids and more, is a sign of imbalance.

Through increasing proper uterine circulation and cleansing, we can lay the foundation for a healthy hormonal system and alleviate many menstrual symptoms.

This work also supports you in cultivating a healthy relationship with your body and its cyclic nature.


Does it hurt?
Nope, this work shouldn’t hurt! I use gentle techniques in Holistic Pelvic Bodywork sessions, and you are always the guide of how deeply we work or if you need to pause or stop.

Is this like therapy or counseling?
Know that this is not therapy, nor should it be a replacement for it! I highly recommend combining this with working with a skilled somatic, trauma-based practitioner (modalities like Somatic Experiencing, EMDR or TRE) to fully reap the benefits and help release deep-seated, body-based trauma in a safe and effective way.

What could I expect after a session?
Women generally report feeling more rooted and grounded in their bodies and pelvic bowl, and feel more balanced. They also feel more of an inner awareness of their pelvic space, and an overall sense of well-being. On a physical level, this work helps with pelvic stagnation and imbalances in the organs, bones, ligaments and tissues, which increases blood flow and circulation and promotes optimal pelvic vitality and health. Many women notice an immediate improvement of symptoms, but longer-term issues may take longer to see results.

Do I need to have issues to benefit from this work?
Most of us in our modern world have some level of pelvic stagnation and could benefit from the re-balancing that pelvic bodywork techniques could bring. I also believe this is an essential part of well-woman care, as I introduce body-based education and help you bring more of an inner awareness to your pelvic bowl so you can know if issues ever arise and just feel that rooted, grounded feeling in your pelvic space. I really believe it benefits all women to feel centered and grounded in the space that I call a woman’s “home”, where she is tapped into a deep energy source, wisdom and has access to her inner voice.

What is Holistic Pelvic Care?
The foundation of the internal sessions I do comes from Holistic Pelvic Care, developed by Tami Kent (author of the amazing book Wild Feminine). this technique works with the pelvic bowl and restores imbalances on a physical, emotional and energetic level. Through gentle internal work, pelvic muscles are assessed and treated through myofascial release, trigger point work, breathwork and visualization tools.

What if I don’t want to/am not ready to receive internal work?
Receiving the internal portion of the bodywork is absolutely up to you. There are plenty of external bodywork techniques we can work with that will greatly benefit you and whatever your unique situation is or goals are. Know that every part of the session is up to you!

What if I’m on my period at the time of the appointment?
Generally I will only make a few modifications to the session; I encourage you to receive external and/or internal work and come in even if you’re on your period. This is such a potent time to receive this work. During this time, you are more energetically open and sensitive, and it is a time where there is a downward flow of energy. This is an optimal time to release or shed any old patterns you are ready to.

What if I’m pregnant?
Great! I’m so happy you’re here. This work is EXCELLENT to support your pelvis and its optimal alignment for a smoother birth experience. We will balance and mobilize your pelvic bones (which can help relieve back and pelvic pain and prepare you for birth), and treat restricted fascial, muscle and ligament tissues of the pelvic area. I use advanced techniques to create more uterine mobility to support better positioning of your baby. Internal work includes releasing specific pelvic floor muscles that are responsible for opening the pelvis during birth, as well as feeling into your “pushing” muscles. I will also share with you how to support and activate your core during this time, alignment suggestions and considerations for birth, breathing techniques and an alternative to the popular but ineffective perineal massage.

How soon after birth can I receive this work?
Sessions are highly individualized depending on where you are at in your healing and wanting to work with. This work is excellent to support post-birth recovery, whether it’s through rebalancing the pelvis, helping your pelvic and abdominal organs come back into alignment, scar tissue work, or gentle energy work to integrate your experience. If you have had a cesarean birth, please wait until about 6 weeks or until your scar is healed. If you have had a vaginal birth, you can technically receive this work right away but I love all new mothers to stay at home and rest! Come in when you feel ready, a few weeks after birth.

Sessions are generally around 60-90 minutes. Any follow-up sessions will be the same time frame and price.

If you are feeling a deep interest to experience this work, you can book a general or postpartum session on the “Offerings” page above. If you have any questions, you can always reach me at my Contact page.

Please note that at this time, all sessions will be mobile/in-home.