05. Gathering Her Strength: Reighn’s Stories of Birth, Resilience, and Nourishment

In this episode, Reighn shares the stories of her births and how they have led her to the woman she is today, how she has found power and freedom through her experiences, and we’ll hear how it has led her to the work she does today of whole woman holistic health through detoxing the body and nourishing with foods.

Reighn is a former apartment dwelling, medicalized birthing, vegan-turned-animal-based, wild woman homesteader. The birth of her first son propelled her into a sense of power and freedom she never believed women could hold, allowing her to let go of old patterns and create the woman she knew she always was. After healing her own health issues and those of her first son, Reighn now works with women to detox and simplify health in their bodies, minds and homes, and heal using their intuitive nature.

You can find her on Instagram @reighn.healthwitch and on her website at www.simplywell.me