08. Finding Womb + Spirit Healing After Pregnancy Loss

In this episode, I talk about unintentional (miscarriage) and intentional (abortion) pregnancy releases – my experiences and suggestions for finding womb + spirit healing after. This is an expansive topic, and just a stream of consciousness-type episode on some aspects of processing and integrating these experiences.

An important way we have always healed and integrated is through CEREMONY. I share a little about the ceremony I did, and will share more about ceremony and ritual in future episodes. In the meantime, I want to introduce to you Hannah and her Sacred Ceremonialist Training if you want to bring this wisdom into your personal life and even in your work with others…

I RARELY share other’s work, but I trust Hannah’s integrity so much and feel this is such an aligned training with my offerings. This initiation to become a Sacred Facilitator speaks to her mastery with weaving sacred, women-centered community and ceremonial spaces. Such valuable wisdom. She brings together 5 women and powerful teachings, and you can buy them all, or whichever one speaks to you. My affiliate link (supports me and my daughter!) is here.