12. Corie’s Freebirths + Healing Her Family through an Ancestral Diet

Corie shares the stories of the births of her three children, her choice to freebirth after the birth of her first child, and her journey of healing herself and her family through transitioning from a vegan to a more ancestral way of eating. You’ll love her stories of simple, sacred birth and how her mother-intuition led the way.

Corie is a mother of three who awakened her portal of intuition through the pregnancies and births of her children. Beginning with the illness and eventual passing of her mother during her teenage years, she recognized the gaps in the medical industrial system when it comes to healthcare. This experience led her to birth her first baby at home with a midwife and doula.  Strength and independence led her to freebirth her last two children solely in the presence of her supportive husband. Toward the end of her first pregnancy, she adopted a vegan lifestyle, and after several years and a second baby, she found herself concerned for her own health and the health of her children.  After leaving the diet dogma behind for traditional nutrient dense foods, she has found natural ways to support her and her family’s health and healing.

You can find Corie on Instagram @corie.moe