13. Preparing for the Reality of the Postpartum Time, Altered Rhythms + Practical Support

In this solo episode, I reminisce and offer advice about the postpartum time: what mothers and babies really need, why it is SO important to prepare for, and what the reality often looks like compared to what we think it’ll be like. As I write this, there’s so many other things I want to share about, but this is a start! I talk about:

– Romanticizing vs. reality

– Altered rhythms of the postpartum/newborn time

– The postpartum time as integration, reflection, bonding + rite of passage completion

– Creating your postpartum sanctuary – things to consider about support, food + breastfeeding

– Reflections on the sacredness of the postpartum time

As I mentioned at the end, if you have anything to add/share or want to hear more about any of these topics in depth, reach out at hello@bethanywilde.com