17. Aligning with Her Body’s Wisdom + Being a Resilient Mother – Anisa Woodall

Enjoy these beautiful birth stories in this episode with Anisa Woodall, Preconception Nutritionist. She shares the stories of her two births and talks about the differences between her first midwife attended birth and her second freebirth. Anisa shares her wisdom throughout the episode on aligning with the body’s intelligence to create a peaceful pregnancy, birth, and motherhood experience.

We didn’t have the time to dive deep into preconception nutrition and preparation, but she is releasing her upcoming course (see resources below), for any woman who is preparing her body to get pregnant in the next 2 years.


Things we mention in this episode:

Check out her live webinar 1/24/23: 3 Reasons Why You’re Still Not Pregnant

Natural Mama’s Guide to Newborn Essentials

Above and Beyond: Flow State (meditation album)

Resilient Motherhood: A Step-by-Step Guide to Preparing for Conception and Beyond

($100 off coupon for her upcoming preconception nutrition course, use the code: BETHANY100)


Anisa Woodall, MS CN is a holistically minded Certified Nutritionist and natural mama of 2 adventurous boys living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Her life’s purpose is to inspire and educate women to live, eat and move with intention and confidence so they can create the family of their dreams.

She obtained her BS degree in Nutrition and Exercise Science and MS degree in Clinical Nutrition at Bastyr University, the leading institution in natural health sciences. Upon entering clinical practice 7 years ago, Anisa quickly realized the immense challenges that women face when they are ready to start a family. So, she deepened her inner and outer knowledge and began applying everything she was learning to her own life. Throughout this process she unlearned common patterns of relating to women’s bodies, gained key insights into how to adopt the mindset of a Resilient Mother, how to intuitively tune-in to the needs of her body and her baby, and to ultimately trust fully in the wisdom of her body, every step of the way.

Equipped with this vast database of real-world knowledge, inner-connection and trust in her body and intuition, she went into her pregnancies confident that she did everything in her power to achieve her desired outcome of birthing not only a healthy babies at home in the common definition (live) but ones that are vital, strong and resilient. And she wants all of this for you!

Anisa serves women throughout their motherhood transition via 1:1 holistic nutrition coaching online and through her online preconception preparation course, Resilient Motherhood. You can learn more at anisawoodall.com and follow @anisawoodallnutrition