18. Mother Alchemy + Womb Medicine – Kristin Hauser 

This episode’s title is inspired by our conversation, but also a couple of different offerings from Kristin Hauser, an acupuncturist whose voice I appreciate for her grounded and articulate wisdom on womb cycle vitality and sexual identity in motherhood. We talk about:


  • Where Kristin is at now as a new mother of 3
  • The mother-victim archetype; its truth and how she has worked to move beyond that identity
  • Taking radical responsibility + choosing a different orientation as a mother living in modern times
  • Regenerative motherhood/mother alchemy
  • Choosing support + family over a place you love. and creating a nourishing environment where you live
  • Astrocartography and the energy of a place, including for everyone in the family
  • Her path as a working mother and her experiences in online business-making
  • Balancing the reality of working with raising kids
  • Children seeing us work + integrating them into the reality of our work life
  • Kristin’s current offerings: Blood Mysteries school, 1:1 consultations, courses on womb cycle vitality, herbal products
  • Human design as a business owner
  • Peaceful, powerful birth as womb trauma re-imprinting, creating an energetically clear womb
  • Sexual identity evolution in motherhood, shifting orientation to sexuality, how we need to guide the way in relationship
  • A new vision and conversation on expansive feminine sexuality in motherhood
  • Integrity and shadows within the pelvic care field


Resources Mentioned:


Betty Martin’s Wheel of Consent

Ellen Heed’s STREAM Training


Kristin Hauser is an acupuncturist, Herbalist and Somatic Sex Educator. Her practice is focused on women’s hormonal, sexual and pelvic health, fertility through postpartum. She is a mama of 3. She is also the founder of Womb Medicine, a virtual education platform that centers embodied healing, body literacy, hormonal know-how and sexual identity integration. Kristin brings compassion, curiosity, expert knowledge and embodied experience into her offerings. She invites you into your own sense of agency, healing and nourishment.

You can visit Kristin and her body of work/offerings at www.wombmedicine.com and on IG @kristinhauser