19. Raising Boys with Honor and Heart: Motherhood and the Male Path – Anjelica Orion

Enjoy this expansive conversation from a woman who holds unique perspectives on male-female dynamics and energetics. I’m bringing her to share her philosophy and wisdom on the topic of how to raise boys well (and if you have daughters, check out episodes 10 + 15). Here’s what we talk about:


– Where Anjelica is at in her 2nd pregnancy

– Going away from the narrative of depletion in motherhood, not accepting the martyr mother, and meeting needs of ALL members of the family

– How our body is a reflection of our energy stores, and the importance of preserving the maiden energy throughout the life cycle

– Her feelings about child spacing + the reality of infancy as up to 3 years

– How she feels her dharma is to be an advocate for boyhood, and her philosophy of raising boys

– Viewing character structure through the lens of astrology in addition to biological sex

– Current state of maturity in modern boys

– Her issues with the *modern* form of nuclear family

– Biological connections to gender roles and her issues with traditional gender roles

– How she sees the essential roles for mothers of boys in early childhood; cultivating in boys a relationship to the feminine that isn’t dependent on his successes and failures

– Different ages + stages: natural desire to have additional male mentor(s), skill-building, to be tested

– Contrast of the female nature which tends to be harmonizing/social cohesion

– Inherent energies of young boys; honoring their natural aggression and working with them rather than suppressing, how boys are often scapegoated

– What the nursing relationship means for boys

– The importance of a healthy mother-father relationship and what projection occurs when it’s unhealthy

– The spiritual and social scope of male-female relating and modern issues

– Inherent male archetypes to connect with in boyhood



“Once my child was two, the entire philosophy of self-led regulation pretty much collapsed. A child cannot live in a world of Mother alone after the primary stage of infancy. “

“The defining quality of manhood is Honor”



Anjelica is an advisor on polarity dynamics between men and women, and the multidimensional healing process of the individual. She is also an advocate of free birth, child-led education, and regenerative lifestyle practices. As a trained yoga and massage therapist who led herself through a debilitating healing crisis in her teens, she integrates many aspects of body-based spirituality into her offerings.

Her primary roles in daily life are as Mother, Wife, Homemaker, & Muse and she sources much of her teachings from immersion in these traditional occupations. Through years of supporting private clients, she has developed group study programs online with comprehensive material most commonly required in the personal and marriage development process. She offers e-books, guided meditations, and class recordings at nymphprayer.com. You can also read her prolific, regular insightful writings on Instagram @nymphprayer


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