23. United + Full of Love: Amber’s Stories of Womb Healing + Birthing Her Son

Today I have on the intuitive Amber, on to share her stories of choosing to trust herself and her baby by birthing outside the system, after being told after a surgical fibroid removal that she would never be able to have a vaginal birth. Amber walks us through her path of healing blocked uterine (fallopian) tubes naturally, pregnancy loss, leaving the medical system at 32 weeks, and finding power and trust in her body’s intelligence. We also have a conversation about her immediate postpartum and her choice to seek newborn medical care, weaving community in early motherhood, and words of wisdom and resources for other women who are dealing with womb imbalances who desire to get pregnant.

If you are a woman who knows they have a power story tell and you long to share it on this podcast: wild, autonomous healing, birthing, mothering, women’s work outside the system – reach out to me at hello@bethanywilde.com and let’s talk.

Amber McConnon has worked in organic vegetable seed for almost a decade. Her background spans from commercial seed production, to community outreach, to research. Her journey into motherhood started back in 2018 when she was diagnosed with an aggressively growing uterine fibroid which was recommended to be removed surgically. After the surgery, she was told she would be unable to ever give birth vaginally. It was also discovered during the surgery that both of her fallopian tubes were blocked, making it impossible for her to conceive naturally. Working for years in organic agriculture had given her a holistic and systems perspective to draw from. She knew her body was designed to thrive and function perfectly if she supported it properly. After undergoing a therapeutic lifestyle change, wherein she embraced things like stoicism, mindfulness, yoga and clean intuitive eating, she and her husband were able to conceive and eventually welcome their son into the world last October. She shares her story of overcoming her own mental blocks, navigating the manipulation and fear mongering of the allopathic medical system, and planning for a VBAM (vaginal birth after myomectomy) at home unattended by any medical professionals.

5 months postpartum, Amber now focusing on building community, working with women in the Sierra Nevada Foothills, and is developing a mentoring network to support women who choose to have home births outside of the medical system. Her website houses the extensive research she and her husband compiled during her pregnancy about vaginal births after myomectomy including case studies, clinical research, testimonial and other resources. Follow her work as it continues to evolve at her website, IG, or FB