25. Maiden as Lifeblood of Our Womanhood + Her Archetypal Healing Journey- Shakti Priya

Shakti Priya is a woman I invited to come on, to speak to the hearts of maidens, and this conversation went into that and so many more expansive topics. This is a must-listen conversation for any woman to heal the wounded maiden aspects within that block us from the highest and most joyful evolution of our womanhood. Mothers and elders, we can never let the maiden within us die. You will feel the integrity of Shakti Priya as a woman that has walked this path herself.

We talk about:

  • Shakti Priya’s time moving into deep embodiment, maturity and wisdom, purification, healing her matriarchy through her time at an ashram
  • Her purification and cultivation of the three pillars: Qi, Jing, and Shen
  • Her issues with (mainstream, agenda-led, liberal) feminism. How the wound of losing trust in men leads a woman open to sexual manipulation.
  • The ancient collective wounding of reproach – disappointment, resentment, hatred towards sacred masculine – and the disruption within women, divine unions, and families. The dark field that is created within that energy
  • How our first cellular memories during conception form the idea of union
  • The archetypal journey of the maiden and her spiritual tasks – the thresholds to cross and rites of passages to move through
  • The energy of longing to be an integrated, embodied maiden. Shakti as feminine creative energy, erotic innocence, humility, and the unbending will to evolve
  • “Receiving the tools to be able to guide yourself is key, but also knowing when to ask for help, knowing when the help that is coming towards you is truly divine intervention”
  • Understanding and healing our masculine + union wounds as women
  • Working through the maidenhood and matriarchy as the precursor to being a fully initiated mother who is in all of her light and beauty
  • Supporting our young daughters in their embodiment and joyful maidenhood
  • The inherent desire to create life after purifying the womb and thoughts for why so many young women don’t want to become mothers
  • Collective stories around birthing and motherhood and the current re-coding happening
  • Remembering the shakti and inner maiden that always flows through us
  • Why women have the primary role in collective change
  • Patriarchy vs the dominator model, into the partnership model
  • Shakti Priya’s mentorship offering for the journey from wounded maiden into warrior maiden

Zuri Snow: Matriarchal Feminism
Music credit: Edwina Masson


About Shakti Priya

Shakti Priya is a heart awakener, internal architect, and High Priestess of the divine light. She is passionate about uplifting women into their goddess nature, and teaching them to heal sexual trauma because this work saved her life.

Over the past eight years Shakti Priya has dissolved all of the modern body’s dense emotional armoring, suffering, and disease through countless breath work circles, somatic therapy, daily sadhana of embodiment practices and meditation, and most recently a 10 month tantric healing intensive and deity work for awakening the light of kundalini as taught within ancient Vedic scriptures.

Shakti Priya believes and knows first hand that love can cure all. When a woman is deeply and truly respected, honored, and loved – she flowers like a soft supple lotus, and her heart awakens to the majesty of each flowering moment.

She holds a loving container where breath, intention, awareness, visualization, and magic are the tools of multidimensional alchemy.



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