26. Leaning into the Frequency of the Goddess: Ivy’s Maiden-to-Mother Story

We hear the beautiful birthing stories. But where are our motherhood stories, too? I am honored in this episode to bring on Ivy, who shares her maiden-to-mother journey, with all of its beauty and difficulties. This will be a balm to any new mother in the depths of the postpartum time, or a woman who is close to undergoing this rite of passage herself. Ivy’s story, and others like her, are the medicine stories. As women, we are meant to share, gather, listen, be the story-keepers. Enjoy.

She shares…

– Ivy’s relationship to motherhood, doula work, and her desire for a child before getting pregnant

– Witnessing birth from the outside vs. being the birthing woman

– What Ivy’s postpartum journey was like; the aftermath of birth trauma within the system

– The nuance of “hard” in early mothering – expansion of capacity, heart expansion and softening.

– Postpartum as meeting the dark goddess while also being held in Love by the Great Mother

– Her internal energetic practices for coming into the “frequency of the goddess” during the postpartum time

– Each step along the initiation that is early motherhood perfectly prepares us for the next

– The expansive capacity of the human spirit, and our ability to alchemize our difficulties into our greatest treasures

– How she processed the profound grief of losing a beloved mother figure during her postpartum time

– The entwinement of birth and death, and its many lessons

– Who is Ivy now as a woman? Her answer: “I’m more me than I ever have been – it’s such a relief.”

– How as we get older, we get more free and unravel the binds that hold us

– The holiness and sacred honor that we are tasked with as mothers

– The importance of RECEIVING in the postpartum time and beyond


Ivy Challis is yoga teacher, mindfulness educator, and mother. Before devoting herself to her role as a mother, Ivy’s passion was guiding people to experience a more profound connection with themselves, the earth, and the divine, through movement practices and energy awareness. She taught yoga and worked with people to offer deeply nourishing, transformative, heart healing. She now dedicates herself to her daughter and husband, passionately offering herself fully to her highest  calling. Ivy hopes to share her experience, knowing that the deepest  medicine we can offer as women and mothers is our stories and our authentic truth.


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Music credit: Edwina Masson


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