27. Liberation from Licensure, Power Dynamics, + Serving Sovereign Women [Solo Workshop Class]

This class comes from my retired practitioner training, and this is a class women who want to know their history and wise women practitioners alike, will appreciate.

I talk about:
– The ego in expertise
– Licensure and the pillars of inherited systems
– Working with women as portal work and how it calls for the highest integrity
– A quick overview of the history of modern allopathic medicine: the smear campaign against wise women/healers/midwives and the spiritual ways of the people, the widespread shift in the hearts and psyches of the people what a healer is
– The co-opting of medicine
– Insidious hierarchical dynamics + indoctrination of modern educational and vocational training


Reach out to hello@bethanywilde.com if you have a healing story, a birthing in power story, a mother or woman-story…

Music credit: Edwina Masson