28. Attune to Your Physiology: Releasing Nutrition Trends + Dogma (Round 2 with Reighn)

Reighn was my first guest on the podcast (listen to her birthing stories on ep 5. “Reighn’s Stories of Birth, Resilience, and Nourishment“) and now she comes back to do a deeper dive into her work surrounding eating and nourishment.

We talk about…

    • What it means to eat for your physiology and why that is the guiding light for all of Reighn’s nutritional advice
    • Dogma and ideology in the wellness sphere
    • Reighn’s path with eating differently in different seasons of her life
    • “Feeling good is not enough”
    • Pro-metabolic and Weston A. Price are ways of eating for peak human physiology
    • “Our ancestors would have considered eating vegan a great famine”
    • The shift to seeing all responses as an intelligence and wisdom in our bodies and plants
    • The complexities of sugar and the differences between ripe and unripe fruit
    • Vitamin D, the “original hormone therapy”, and the issues with supplementing
    • Re-considering cod liver oil for those with certain ancestry and at certain times of the year
    • Healing depletion after pregnancy/birth/breastfeeding, and pre-conception preparation
    • The idea that there are physiological truths…is not quite the truth
    • Some insight for those who feel they carry extra weight after pregnancy – “I allow my body to heal what it needed to heal, I let it be uncomfortable, and then it gave me the sign – okay, we’re done. Time to move on.”
    • CRISPR technology, bioengineered bacteria use in our foods and its impact on the body
    • When we are confused by health “experts” and manipulation tactics, coming back to our bodies and our instincts as the foremost expert
    • The value of guides who truly bring the power back to those they serve
    • Reighn’s support as a guide in in sovereign healing and birthing

Resources Mentioned:

Jim Stephenson MitoLife podcast

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Music credit: Edwina Masson


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