31. Cultivating Resilience through Nourishment After Birth + The Love That Weaves Through Food – Corinne Avellino

This week, Corinne shares her stories of entering motherhood without support and nourishment, its impact, and the many lessons learned along the way that inspired her current work in serving mothers in the postpartum time. She talks about:


– Her path into motherhood

– Her postpartum experience, the impact of lack of rest and supportive nourishment

– The foundation of birth and postpartum preparation is connecting to your instinctual nature and body; your Source

– Disturbance and sabotage of physiological breastfeeding within the mainstream culture, and Corinne’s experiences. How so often we initially expect things to just work out, or be instinctual, and are shocked if it’s not

– The turning point when she started to prioritize embodiment practices, nourishment, boundaries, and self-care

– Corinne’s idea of an ideal postpartum time

– The prevalence of modern breastfeeding issues and many mothers who want to stop nursing early

– What being present with our children can bring up for us, and uncovering the invitation for presence/embodiment. Child consciousness

– The unraveling, letting go, and sacred surrender of the postpartum time

– Nourishing foods and embodiment practices as the foundation of RESILIENCE as a mother

– What her lifestyle/eating looks like now to re-mineralize and heal depletion, 2 years postpartum

– The nature of giving and receiving love in community-building

– More about Corinne’s work supporting new mothers: she serves mothers in-person, including making food that is nourishing to the body AND soul. Online, she helps support women with postpartum preparation on all levels and with practical strategy (as she shares at the end, she is also offering these calls free for a limited time, so reach out to her!).


Resources Mentioned:

Women Who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Estes

The Wild Woman’s Way by Michaela Boehm


About Corinne: Corinne is a postpartum doula, cook, and mother who has a passion for nourishing women – body and soul – through food and raw conversations. She works closely with new mothers to create personalized meal plans that support their individual needs and preferences. Corinne also offers guidance on how to prepare for postpartum, deepen a connection to the body through gentle movement and mindfulness practices, and empowers women to cultivate generational health in their families. You can find her on her Instagram or Facebook.

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