35. Holy Alchemical Union and the Tantric Path of Conscious Conception as a Way of Life – Shakti Priya

Enjoy this (part 2) conversation with Shakti Priya, where we deepen into the truly sacred path of conscious conception and the honor of bringing in life. She also shares deeper about these topics with the foundation of her tantric perspective. We talk about:

– Walking the path of conscious conception as a way to bring forth a child who isn’t weighed down by the pain and burden of its ancestors

– How you bind your body and soul via blood oath with the father of your children, and how you carry and create his lineage through your body

– Conscious conception requires unlearning bad habits, purification, and deconstruction

– The importance of healing our wound with men before conception, and coming into harmony with the sacred masculine

– Where you are at during conception imprints upon your child for their very first cellular memory

– The tantric approach to alchemical union; tantra as deep embodiment

– “What is going on spiritually between the masculine and the feminine right now, is in the hands of the feminine”

– Shifting to what we can expect from men vs. what we should not

– Widening the lens to multi-generational healing

– The vision for healing our sister-wounds, bridging the ancient/cosmic ways and the future

– Shakti Priya’s parents, model of mothering, and personal conscious conception journey as a way of life

– “My role is to create the foundation so that once these children come through, I can give them a life that is pure Heaven.”

– Deepening into what the tantric path looks like for her – an infinite well, a way of life, surrender and receptivity, and leading you into full embodiment

– The invitation to bring more consciousness when a woman is feeling a strong primal urge to conceive

– “The practices are meant to open you up so that you can always be in practice”

– Ways to bring in presence, embodiment, and connection to Life practically

– Integration of technology into a path of awakening; recognition of their reality and listening to our bodies as always

– “Conscious conception in bringing forth leaders and ancient beings that are here to re-grid the planet. This is a big mission, and requires a lot of patience and extreme dedication to being real with yourself: how much pain are you in, how triggered do you get? If you’re not in your highest state, that’s an invitation to go deeper, to free yourself even deeper.”

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Shakti Priya is a heart awakener, internal architect, and High Priestess of the divine light. She is passionate about uplifting women into their goddess nature, and teaching them to heal sexual trauma because this work saved her life. Read her complete, full bio over HERE and find her on IG @iamshaktipriya.


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