36. Held by the Grandmothers: Emma’s Stories of Birth and Wise Woman Herbal Medicine for Families

Emma is an inspiring woman who is deeply rooted in her ancestral Wise Woman ways of herbalism, ceremony and ritual, birthkeeping, and so much more. Enjoy this episode about peaceful birth, sitting in trust of the wisdom of the body, and leaning on herbal remedies for well-being.

We talk about:

  • Emma’s easeful, trusting, and magical pregnancy and birth story
  • Sauna as a womb space for birth and death and ritual/healing in Northern traditions
  • Women’s deep need for blessing during their pregnancy
  • Her challenging postpartum as initiation and the sense that modern women are truly not prepared for this time
  • How she thought she would want to be alone in the postpartum time, but instead discovered she really needed other wise women around her
  • The blend of instinct and modeling in mothering
  • The loss of divine love, protection, and blessings on a large scale – from not calling in our ancestors to be with us in our births, which is a core aspect of Ancestral Midwifery
  • The expansion of pregnancy, down to the bones
  • The steep learning curve of mothering and how we come to nourishing ourselves and finding our inner peace in our journey to heal an imbalance of over-giving
  • The necessity of prioritizing solo time as our step to re-villaging and avoiding resentment towards our partners
  • A conversation about the reality of village and community living, and how we may not be ready to make those concessions culturally yet.
  • How Emma weaves in healing, nourishing, and herbal practices throughout her life – for herself and for her daughter
  • Great herbs and homeopathy for babies and children and integrating them into their lives

Resources Mentioned:

DNRS (Dynamic Neuro Re-training System)

Hunt, Gather, Parent: What Ancient Cultures Can Teach Us About the Lost Art of Raising Happy, Helpful Little Humans – Michaeleen Doucleff

Medicine Mama’s Apothecary Sweet Bee Magic All-in-One Healing Skin Cream

Wild Mother’s Medicine Chest (Arielle de Martinez)


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