38. Building the Village: Reciprocal Friendships Between Maidens and Mothers as Learning, Serving + Preparation for Motherhood – Emily Bruce (Mid-Summer Bonus)

This is a long title but within this topic, it truly encompasses SO much. This is a rich episode for women who want to become mothers one day and speaks to a huge part of the path that is often not touched upon much – that of learning through, supporting, and being with mothers/children/families.

We talk about:

  • Her reflections on her relationship with children, as well as how her friends feel
  • Emily’s family culture and experiences growing up, interest in kids and becoming a mother
  • How birth control plays a role in so many women not desiring motherhood
  • The opportunity for maidens to soak up experiences and styles of parenting by being around mothers
  • Women should consider the importance of family presence as an entry to a more easeful motherhood – these are universal helpful structures
  • Emily’s conscious dating experiences, and advice for finding a resonant life partner.
  • “When you’re not entirely sure in your beliefs of who you are, you’re also going to attract those who are not sure of their beliefs and who they are”
  • The toxic mainstream culture on birth and motherhood
  • Maidens in friendship with mothers can witness the integration of children into life, to model and show a different way than the common tropes of sacrifice, separation, and resentment
  • Prioritizing integrating our children into our lives rather than regular separation – this increases our joy, pleasure, and love for them, and contributes to the deep hormonal bonding and evolution as a mother
  • Consciously choosing to step away from mainstream parenting for an opportunity for a more fulfilling experience
  • How I’ve experienced witnessing my young daughter’s pure maiden joy, and how it’s healed any fragmented maiden or dark mother energy as inherited by the culture
  • Shifting orientation and mindset in maiden-to-mother season through surrounding yourself with who you want to become
  • Realizing that motherhood brings you more into your full and whole self more, leads to purpose-finding. and healing toxic unconscious paradigms
  • The importance of embodying your most radical beliefs when dating to avoid conflicts later in parenting with hot-button issues
  • Emily’s current longer-term path of preconception, and her priorities
  • The importance of men spending time around fathers before their time
  • Emily’s advice for maidens to make more mother friends and how to have a more reciprocal relationship
  • How mothers and maidens benefit from prioritizing relationships with each other
  • Learning and being around each other in all the phases of womanhood
  • Emily’s monthly maiden- to-mother circles and Mother-Child astrology readings

Emily Bruce is an intuitive astrologer and radical woman dedicated to authenticity and truth. With her background in physiological birth and postpartum care, Emily brings a cosmic reverence into all of her work with women. She is the co-host of The Fifth Element Podcast, a podcast for people seeking intimate connection with their innermost self through holistic healing, cosmic consciousness, and radical rebirth, and host of the online Maiden to Mother circle, held on every full moon. Connect with her on Instagram @leorisingbirthkeeping and check out all her offerings HERE.


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