39. (Welcome Season 2) Multivitamin Myths + Real Nourishment for the Motherhood Continuum

I’m so excited to open up this offering for my vitamin/mineral/probiotic/antioxidant-rich elixir for mothers:

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In this solo intro episode for the new season, I give a brief update on my summer and then share on the origin story around my new theme song (and play the whole song for you)!

Then I get into the main part of this episode: how I healed my sense of depletion and came to a vibrant state again, changing mental narratives in motherhood, all about (prenatal) vitamins and their issues, and how you can incorporate herbal medicine for something much better.

I’d love to hear from you. Have you taken prenatal vitamins and how did it feel? How did you nourish yourself in pregnancy and in motherhood? Have you been on a depletion-healing journey too?


Resources Mentioned:

Food/supplements I took (intuition-led, no affiliate links, just sharing names): Cod liver oil, collagen powder, beef liver, adrenal cocktails, maca, matcha, magnesium glycinate, vitamin C (acerola cherry)

Root Cause Protocol – free handbook

Why 90% of Store Bought Vitamins are Trash

Ascorbic acid (RCP)

All about hormone D (RCP)

Iron toxicity archive (RCP)

Finding the most optimal source of magnesium (RCP)

Herbal Allies During Pregnancy workshop (Kristin Hauser + Arielle de Martinez)


Music: Hanna Leigh


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