Sacred Womb Wellness

Practitioner Training

4-Month Mentorship

in Womb Medicine, Ceremony + Holistic Healing

If you are a bodyworker, energy worker, midwife, doula, herbalist, acupuncturist, women’s wellness guide or you want to be, this course is for you. If you are seeking more tools, wisdom + practices to guide women in their healing journeys, this mentorship journey was made for you.

If you’ve walked your own healing path and feel the call to step into the medicine woman role, this mentorship will empower you with the tools to guide others in a return to their own power and vibrant health.

You will emerge from this journey…

  • Feeling confident, inspired + well-resourced to work with women in their womb wellness – whether you are just starting out, or already are a practitioner.
  • Feeling lighter + clearer in your own body, with a steady foundation of power + spirit-connection
  • Understanding the multi-faceted approaches to working with the most common issues women are facing and offer both practical and metaphysical tools for real healing.
  • Have the tools to create a thriving, soul-led business facilitating healing in others, and create multiple income streams within women’s wellness.

Learning Journey

This is a 4-month journey of accelerated growth. Every 2 weeks, on the new and full moons, you will receive a new section of content to work with that build upon each other. You will have lifetime access to this course, but I encourage you to dedicate as much time as you can with the content as it’s released. Here are just some of the key concepts from each section.

1 | Walking the Wise Woman Path

• Journeys, Ceremonies + Contemplation for Personal Healing Work
• How to Become an Integral Guide for Transformation in Others
• Becoming the Wise, Medicine Woman
• Awakening the Sacred Leader
• Cultivating Energy Sensitivity, Boundaries + High-Level Practices

3 | The Magical, Mystical Female Body

• The Sacred Female Body: Physical and Energetic
• Supporting Harmony in the Body + Aligning with the Blueprint of Health
• Innate Female Rhythms + Cycles
• Becoming the Teacher: Learn + Teach Engaging Body Education, Fertility Awareness Method + Herbal Contraception

5 | Women's Holistic Healing

Extensive Directory in Supporting Common Women’s Health Issues

7 | Trauma Healing + Grief Work

• Understanding Neurological-Somatic-Soul Layers of Trauma
• Understanding Trauma Imprints in the Body + Somatic Tools for Clearing Energy
• Grounded Healing vs Catharsis + Holding Space for Underworld Journeys
• Releasing Intense Energy + Connecting to the Stable Core Within

2 | Becoming the Guide

• Counseling, Listening + Reflection Skills
• Story Mapping + Medicine-Finding
• Creating Safe, Clear + Holy Healing Containers
• Integration of Astrology + Human Design
• Learn How to Become a Facilitator of Transformation + Healing in Others
• Connecting to the Stable Core Within
• Practical Structuring of Sessions

4 | Healing Tools + Practices

• Learn + Teach Potent, Healing Practices: Pelvic Steaming, Castor Oil Magic, Womb Massage, Pelvic Exercises, Yoni Massage, Jade Egg Practice + More!
• Ancestral Nutrition Medicine
• Collection of Powerful Guided Meditations + Visualizations
• Offer Herbal Healing through the Moonflower Medicinals Line of Remedies

6 | The Motherhood Continuum

• Vibrant Fertility + Conscious Conception
• Support Women in Pregnancy to Find Vibrant Health + Physical/Spiritual Healing
• Offer Radical Birth Education
• Postpartum Wellness + Birth Injury Healing

8 | Integration + Sustainable Business

• All the Small Details + Big-Picture Vision for Creating a Business that Fills Your Soul + Sustains You
• Understanding Sustainable Energetic Exchange + Boundaries
• Marketing, Branding + Money Matters
• The Many Ways You Can Work + Frameworks for Offerings


How Much Time + Energy Should I Be Ready to Commit To?

Do You Offer Refunds?


Energy Exchange

Every integral relationship has an exchange of energy, that is ideally balanced over time. Here is what you will receive within this course:

– 8 modules of transformative, deeply healing, potent tools and practices to start your own women’s wellness practice.
– Initiation into an online community of other practitioners + guides – form connections, ask questions, share stories and more
– After completion of the course and receiving private mentorship with me, you will be added to the practitioner database on my website, so that women seeking healing will be able to find you.

The energy exchange I ask for is $1,500, and it must be paid in full before the start of the course. The course opens 3 months in advance for those who are seeking a payment plan ($500 x 3 payments or $750 x 2 payments). I do not offer scholarships at this time, but I hope to in the future.