Sacred Womb-Pelvic Healing Sessions

Online Appointments + In-Person in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Art by Spiritysol

Do you have this feeling?


You have spent time doing all the healing work. You have meditated, spent hours sweating and coming back to yourself in yoga and dance classes. You have seen different healers and practitioners, and have worked through so much. You have grown and healed and have come to a beautiful new place in your life.

But still, there’s a voice within telling you there’s more

You feel intuitively that there is an imbalance within your womb and pelvic center.

That more awareness needs to be brought here.

You feel that without this connection, you will always be skirting around the deepest core of you.

You know that your connection to this center affects your entire life…

…and that it’s deeply important work.

I know that awakening your connection to your womb and pelvic space will change you at your core as a woman, because I’ve lived it.

In fact, that’s why I do this work. My own need for healing led me to study massage, advanced bodywork techniques in the pelvic bowl, training with mentors, and devouring any knowledge I could find on the subject.

It led me to study esoteric female energy cultivation practices, understand how trauma is stored in the body and gentle, holistic ways to find healing.

Finding my deepest intuitive voice, the voice that lives here, has guided me ever since I began to connect and listen here. This voice has led me with integrity and wisdom through all my relationships, with the women I serve, and in mothering my daughter. It has helped me put up strong and loving boundaries, and feel at peace with who I am.

And I believe it is in the blending of the physical and the emotional that real healing comes.

The imprints, the stories, they live within your body. Through hands-on touch we can access deep layers, re-programming from disconnection or shame…to self-love and honoring.

I weave together all of my bodywork + lived experience to share with you a path to working through trauma, as a support to healing reproductive health issues and physical pain, connecting to your power-source, and more…

Is This For Me?


Womb-Pelvic healing sessions can be beneficial for women along any of the passages in their lives, but is especially potent in these situations…

  • You are in the pre-conception place and want to support your optimal physical and energetic pelvic health as you prepare to call in new life
  • You are pregnant and wanting to connect deeper to your baby and prepare for birth and motherhood in your deepest power
  • You have given birth and are seeking processing, integration, and healing on any level
  • You feel disconnected from your pelvic bowl, power, creativity, deep energy and/or femininity and feel ungrounded and “off-center
  • You are seeking deeper healing from a miscarriage, abortion or pregnancy loss
  • You have experienced sexual trauma, ** have undergone extensive counseling and are seeking the next step to re-patterning your physical and energetic body
  • You have been struggling with menstrual or reproductive issues of any kind

Deeper Benefits


Menstrual Cycles Your cycles can be painless, easy and even pleasurable. Symptoms such as tender breasts, PMS, painful or irregular periods, endometriosis, cysts, fibroids and more, is a sign of imbalance. Through increasing proper uterine circulation and cleansing, we can lay the foundation for a healthy hormonal system and alleviate many menstrual symptoms. This work also supports you in cultivating a healthy relationship with your body and its cyclic nature.

Optimizing Fertility Many people call this type of massage Fertility Massage. Through helping restore the uterus and your other reproductive organs into alignment and increasing blood and energy flow, you increase the chances of conceiving (naturally or through ART/IVF/IUI) and maintaining a healthy pregnancy. Not only that, but this can support a healthy and easier birth, and postpartum healing. On an emotional and spiritual level, connecting with this part of yourself prepares you to trust in the wisdom of yourself to navigate motherhood and release old energies to make way for new life.

Birth Preparation A smoother pregnancy and birth experience can come when you are in optimal alignment. Through advanced pelvic bodywork techniques, we can work to balance your pelvis and sacrum, reduce fascial, uterine ligament, and tissue restrictions to help your body prepare for birth. Internal work can help release pelvic floor muscles that are crucial for opening pelvic bones during birth. I incorporate gentle energy reading to see where there is reduced flow, and help you feel rooted, grounded and balanced in preparation for such a transformative experience.

Postpartum Healing After pregnancy and birth, nourishing bodywork is essential for your healing. In addition to the deep emotional and spiritual changes, pregnancy itself also created changes to your pelvic floor muscles, abdominal and pelvic organs. Massage of the abdomen, uterus and pelvis along with other practices such as belly wrapping and herbal pelvic steaming helps bring your organs back into alignment and contributes to healing. After cesarean, this is excellent work for healing scar tissue and adhesions.

Menopause Abdominal-pelvic massage is great for nourishing the times of perimenopause and menopause. This work relieves pelvic congestion and supports the cleansing and health of your uterus as you move into the next stage of life. It’s important for our wombs to be cleansed at this time as they shrink to a pre-pubescent size. This is a time of wisdom and potency, and through connecting to your feminine center and riding the waves of change, you can move into embodying the energy of the wise woman and gleaning the gifts of this time.

Emotional Healing Women have unique life situations that impact us, and can affect our reproductive anatomy and emotional selves. From miscarriages and abortions, to sexual violations or negative imprints about what it means to be a woman, these memories and feelings get stored within our pelvic bowl and tissues and can cause disharmony. Working with the abdomen and pelvic space is sacred, and it can bring up some core issues. Working with your body in this way can help process difficult experiences held here related to your femininity and sexuality and help integrate them.

Well-Women Care Every woman deserves to know her body and anatomy and have the tools for her own healing. If you are interested in simply connecting to who you are as a woman and your reproductive anatomy, this work is a great investment in self-care. Sessions are meant to be informative, holistic and co-creative. You’ll experience a sense of connection to your feminine center and what this means for you, receive knowledge about your unique body and learn many tools of self-healing, including an abdominal-pelvic self-massage routine for at home.

Okay, but what is womb-pelvic healing?


The beauty of these sessions are that they are unique and personalized to you. However, I do have a framework for sessions and I want to share them with you so you feel prepared. Also know that before our appointment, I will send you a few pages with suggestions on how to prepare and some thoughts for aftercare integration.


When we work together in person, sessions can include:

  • Story medicine
  • Warm-up guided meditation with a hot pad and/or castor oil pack
  • Massage + bodywork: Upper and lower abdominal massage focused on aligning reproductive and abdominal organs. Evaluation and massage techniques for structural alignment of spine, sacrum and hips.
  • Internal pelvic floor bodywork if desired to rebalance energy, and physical techniques such as myofascial release, scar tissue, and trigger point work.
  • Ceremony + ritual
  • Gentle energy work if desired
  • Sharing with you tools + practices you can do at home for your continued healing journey: self-massage techniques (including Maya Abdominal massage), pelvic steaming, pelvic floor exercises, herbal remedies, castor oil packs, belly wraps, nutritional and/or lifestyle suggestions, and/or specific heart and womb centered meditations. Follow up documents will be sent with you to supplement.



Virtual sessions are centered around listening to you and your story and guiding you through root connection and healing practices. Sessions include:

  • Story medicine
  • Guided meditation + visualizations centered around your heart, womb, and pelvic area
  • Ceremony + ritual
  • Sharing with you tools + practices you can do at home for your continued healing journey: self-massage techniques (including Maya Abdominal massage), pelvic steaming, pelvic floor exercises and more…

I love to work with women in all stages of their lives, but deepest my gifts lie in sharing and dialoguing with you on these topics…

  • Pre-conception preparation and fertility support (physical, emotional, spiritual)
  • Questions and support on wild pregnancy and birth preparation, and pearls of wisdom for building your postpartum sanctuary (and any postpartum healing questions)
  • Maya Abdominal massage – I will teach you about abdominal and pelvic bowl anatomy, a beautiful and effective self-massage practice with a long lineage, and share supplemental modalities for reproductive health, fertility support, postpartum healing and more.
  • Mentorship for bodyworkers and other women who want to offer pelvic floor bodywork and womb healing sessions.
  • How to gain even more optimal health and vitality through natural movement and primal alignment, informed by my experience training in Yogalign


Some of What I Integrate…

Maya Abdominal Massage

Holistic Pelvic Care

Supportive Practices + Body Education


Gentle Energy Healing

Guided Meditations + Ceremonial Space

Herbs, Flowers, Food + Mushroom Medicine


You will come away from sessions….

  • Feeling inspired by the possibility of how you can feel and what lives within you
  • Feeling more centered in the present and in your body
  • Experiencing a deeper sense of grounded-ness and embodiment in your root
  • Having learned a lot of tools and practices to work with at home
  • Feeling lighter in your heart and your body, and a renewed sense of peace
  • Connected to an inner awareness of your pelvic space, and an overall sense of well-being.


Today was BLISSFUL. Rainy mornings, and some deeply nourishing bodywork. I received such a beautiful womb healing session. We focused some time on Maya Abdominal and Holistic Pelvic work. I highly suggest you go see her, ladies! It’s so beautiful to explore and discover more about ourselves through this grounding work and even how it affects both the masculine and feminine energy within us.

Bella Martinez

LMT + Holistic Esthetician, Spirit of Ixchel

I thoroughly enjoyed receiving Maya Abdominal Massage with Bethany. The spiritual healing component she brought made the experience profound. Her intuitive touch alongside her skill set made for a very holistic healing journey. I came away from the experience with tools to deepen my practice of tuning in with myself on a daily basis. I would highly recommend Bethany if you are looking for physical, emotional, and/or spiritual healing for your womb.
Amara Dreamer

Mentor + Coach, Wildheart Nature School

Bethany and I connected through my friend’s sister so this set the tone for a relating and kindred spirit feeling. She held space for me to share my experiences as I journeyed through my own discoveries of my body. I have recently started a deep dive into body massage and in our session, I had the opportunity to learn so much juicy information about my pelvic bowl, intravaginal massage, abdominal massage, conscious conception, to name some of the areas we touched on. She gave me wonderful reminders for me to bring into practice. Bethany was the supportive guide, not only sharing education but also physically showing me many techniques and methods. I am now implementing these and fully taking sovereignty over my body. Rather than trying to “fix” a perceived “issue” I have re-framed this to digging (sometimes literally) deeper to learn more about myself. I especially enjoyed the relaxed nature of our conversation, allowing whatever needed to come out to do just that. Marrying the spiritual, emotional, and physical. Thank you for your wisdom Bethany–I’m so glad we connected!
Eva Greenberg

Guide, Nature Mothering




Pricing + Booking


Online appointments are $150 for 1.5 hours, and in-person appointments are $175 for 2 hours

If you are feeling a deep call to this work, please fill out the form below. I will reach out to you with a link to book your appointment or if I feel like you would be better served by working with someone else, I will share with you resources on how to find someone perfect for you.

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