Vibrant Movement for Women's Pelvic Health

For women seeking to move in alignment with feminine rhythms + feel amazing in their bodies

Women’s bodies are different than men’s.

Our bodily experiences are different – we have wombs, and cyclical rhythms tied to the Earth and moon. Our center of gravity, our pelvis, is structurally unique to us as women.

We need movement styles that work for us, our bodies, and our spirits. Movement that brings us back to our center and makes us feel renewed.

Many women are drawn to yoga, but don’t know that the origins of modern postural practice (what you’d experience in most classes) was developed by men, for men’s bodies, and to push it to its limits.

Modern yoga also tends to destabilize joints throughout our body, and moves us in unnatural ways that often cause pain and injury in our bodies. If you’ve experienced this or just want to explore a more gentle yet truly strength-building style, please join me…

In this course you will learn about feminine rhythms and optimal alignment to promote health within your body, and especially the health of your spine, sacrum, and pelvis. I also offer a yoga class within based on these adaptations and principles.

Who is This Class For?


If you are an avid yoga practitioner, if you have taken many dance classes, if you are a bodyworker and you have pain anywhere in your body, this class is for you. If you come away from yoga classes and it just doesn’t feel right anymore for your female body, this class will serve you and inspire you.

Whichever stage of life you are in – preparing to conceive and mother a child, currently pregnant, postpartum, or just want to move your body is a more supportive way, you will learn how to move your body, your way.

You will come away from this course…


♡ Feeling inspired by the possibility of how vibrant you can feel and what lives within you

♡ Experiencing a deeper sense of grounded-ness and embodiment in your root

♡ Feeling more centered, present, and lighter in your heart and your body

♡ Connected to an inner awareness of your pelvic space, and an overall sense of well-being and peace

♡ With a deeper remembrance of the wisdom and gifts of your body

We Will Explore…

– How to move aligned with natural biomechanics to preserve the lasting health of your body

– The history of modern yoga

– Female rhythms and the ancient, shamanic roots of yoga that centered women

– Demonstrations of correct breathing and movement adaptations

– Then finally, we put it all together with a yoga class, modified and steeped in ritual, meditation, movement, and as always, womb-pelvic connection.

For years, I woke up early every morning and did 2 hours of yoga….

It was beautiful for my spirit… but not so much for my body. I did not yet realize that the chronic low back pain I had was related to the hours I spent folding my spine forward and moving in ways that were actually de-stabilizing to my body.

This was a time where I was uncovering the sacred history of women and female shamanism for my college thesis. When I learned “alternative” yogic history and the origins of modern postural practice, I had to make changes. I already felt in my body that I craved movement that was more fluid and less angular, and more dance-like.

I hopped on a plane to Kauai for a unique yoga teacher training that helped me unlearn and re-weave my body and movement styles. I didn’t even know it was possible to feel so centered, so light, so rooted in my body.

This is what I want to share with you. What I’ve learned in over 15 years of yoga practice, un-learning and re-learning what feels good, and feminine ways of moving. Principles of movement that you can take into every part of your life, that heal pain and create more vitality in your body. How to move in a way that aligns with your instincts and female body. My deepest prayer is that all women come home to the power that lives within them, and this is one of the most integral pieces to it that I’ve found.



Bethany has such a warm and soothing energy, taking this course felt like I was sitting with a beloved sister or auntie who was passing down this incredible women’s wisdom. Something I loved was seeing the modified yoga posture photos and realizing I have already been intuitively starting to do some of them in my own yoga practice, so to see that confirmed felt really amazing. All we need is within us, but sometimes we need a mirror to be able to see it and I feel like Bethany is that mirror. The depth of knowledge she shares is so beautiful. This way of moving and being is something all sisters should know!
Alexandra W.

Bethany provides so much practical and easy to digest knowledge throughout this course. Getting the background on natural movement gave me a deep understanding of why our bodies feel so amazing when we move more fluidly and with our natural curvature.  The various articles and book resources Bethany shares bring more integration of alignment and education. Thank you, thank you, thank you Bethany for your insightful messages, gentle and nurturing guidance, wisdom and community-centered being. My womb connection has guided me to what my body has always known – that creativity lives here. Birth, death, re-birth, creation, emotion, all co-create from this place. A remembrance of who I am and from this deep connection, I serve.
Eva G.

“This amazing set of resources helped to confirm and clarify everything that my intuition had been implying. Specifically in regards to our traditional yoga classes. Bethany’s knowledge and ability to deliver the information and lessons have helped me so much. I am so excited to start my healing journey and start moving my body correctly. Thank You Bethany! “
Sylvie B.

This Course Includes:


♡ Lessons + videos on how to move naturally and aligned with your female body

♡ Root connection meditation + yoga class video, steeped in meditation + movement, and womb-pelvic connection

♡ How to integrate this knowledge into your life for vitality!

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You are meant to feel light, and pain-free, and vibrant in your body. Come back to your core, and root deeply in your pelvis with this knowledge.