Lesson 1: Women's Bodies + Rhythms




I’m so glad you’re here. As I mentioned on the page when you were signing up for this course, women’s bodies are different than men...

This course will validate what you probably already innately feel, and help guide you into what that possibility can look like in your life and body.

You probably desire, and crave, a way of moving that brings you back to your center and makes you feel vibrant in your body. A way of movement that is flowing and free.

This course is in 3 lessons. Use the menu on the right to navigate this course, and the button on the bottom of each lesson to go straight to the next one. Remember, you have lifetime access to everything, so take it at your own pace! One woman who took this course considered it like a cozy day-long workshop, so you can do that as well 🙂

  • Lesson 1 | Women’s Bodies + Rhythms is where you will learn all about your unique female body and rhythms. Learn about your cyclical nature and the energetics of womanhood.
  • Lesson 2 | Natural Movement is where you will learn all about natural movement – what it is, what it looks like, and how we can integrate these principles of optimal biomechanics into our practices and our life
  • Lesson 3 | Sacred Practices brings it all together with sacred practices – a root connection meditation, womb-pelvic yoga class, and a little on how I bring this into my life!

So let’s get started…

Welcome to lesson 1. As I mentioned, this section all about women’s bodies and rhythms. You will learn about the uniqueness of your female body, its cyclical nature, and the energetics of womanhood. And it will give you a foundation to understand why you should connect to your natural desires for movement.

Within this lesson…

  • Female Movement Energetics (video)
  • Female Pelvis + Movement (pdf lesson)
  • Women + Yoga (audio lesson)
  • Further Reading

Thank you for being here, sister! I’m excited to share this information with you and receive any feedback from you on how this all resonates in your body. Reach out to me at hello@bethanywilde.com if you’d like to share. Looking forward to connecting with you, and enjoy the course <3

– Bethany