Becoming a Pelvic Wellness Guide

Unpacking power dynamics + serving sovereign women
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Do you feel like the structure of healthcare and wellness is not working for you?

Do you feel the call to serve women and promote their true radiant, expansive health?

Do you feel like womb work is THE work for women at this time?

Do you already work with women but feel like you don’t have the deeper tools + understanding to address common imbalances?


In this masterclass, I talk about:

– The call to women’s work. honor and holiness of pelvic space, how it calls for highest intrgrity. my story.
– The history + politics of licensure, how it feeds sister/witch wounds
– Why the current hierarchy and power dynamics in healthcare aren’t working
– Re-envisioning a new paradigm of serving sovereign women
– Moving from dependent power dynamics to TRUE healing possibilities
– Simple shifts you can make to change your work with women for the better – TODAY
– talk about my upcoming training, if this is a good fit. how can this work be applied for different practitioners?