How to Become a Women's Wellness Practitioner

Is it your heart’s calling to walk with women in their healing journeys?



…but you’re not quite sure the path to take?

This free guide is meant to help you find clarity, if you feel you are being called to the Wise Woman, the Medicine Woman role, in your community, but you are unsure or overwhelmed with the possible paths you could take.

Or if you already serve women, but want to deepen, specialize, expand your knowledge!

I wish I had a guide or a wise sister who could have walked me through my options.

Back when I was starting on my path of womb + pelvic care, there weren’t many options for trainings. I had to read what I could find and learn from the women. Trust my instincts and intuition, and take it all one step at a time, guided by a deeper vision.

This guide is my gift to you, since I see women’s work as the most sacred, important work of our time.

Guiding sovereign women in a return to their own power and vibrant health – we need more women who are doing this holy work.

You’re in the right place…


  • If you are already a wellness practitioner (naturopath, acupuncturist, chiropractor, birthworker, bodyworker, energy worker, herbalist, nutritionist, women’s guide, etc.) and you want to further your knowledge in women’s wellness or womb and pelvic care
  • If you aren’t yet working with others but you want to and you long to
  • If you’re not sure which path to follow, or you want to deepen your knowledge

This is meant to guide you in all of the different possibilities and path to building the beautiful and fulfilling practice you dream of. Of living in abundance while living your dharma. This is meant to be a helpful and educational resource, so this is my gift to you.