Energetic Pelvic Bowl Clearing

Now with the foundation of the previous lessons, we can start to do the deeper work of energetic clearing in our body.

In this meditation, we will ground deeply into our root (pelvic bowl), to see what feelings, sensations, and emotions we hold there. We will use the power of visualization, filling our bodies with love, joy, and peace, to clear out energies we do not wish to hold onto anymore. In doing this we re-imprint with the essence of what we desire to be made up of. It is always important to begin healing work grounded in self-love, compassion, and positive energy, and then clear and release from there.

You can use this meditation as a starting place, using a similar blueprint for moving energy in the body and re-imprinting the space with a different emotion. Here is my blueprint for clearing energy in the body that I have guided women through for years:

1) First meditate on a place in nature that is your sanctuary. Maybe it is the redwoods, or the ocean, a lake deep in the backcountry, or a meadow. Wherever it is, ground yourself into this place, feeling with all of your senses each aspect of this place: the weather, the sights, the smells, as much detail as possible. Are you alone, or your beloved partner, child, or pet with you?

2) Next bring your attention to a place in your body where you feel darkness, stuck-ness, heat, cold, pain, numbness, whatever emotion. Ground your consciousness and full presence here and simply notice sensations, without attachment.

3) Bring breath to the area, continuing to keep your consciousness here and imagining each breath exhaling and traveling into this space. As you breathe and focus, do you feel a shift taking place? Do not allow the emotion to overwhelm you. Emotions are not who we are; they are something we experience that can be fleeting if we let it and get curious.

4) Return to your nature sanctuary place in your mind if you are overwhelmed, you don’t feel in the present moment/in your body, or you feel overtaken by emotion. Stay in your nature sanctuary, breathe, noticing with all your senses everything you love about this place until you feel at peace.

5) Return back to your body and the place that you were focusing on. Do any images come to you now? However random they may seem, they are very important and healing. They are the mysterious medicine that can bring the deepest healing to you, that can only originate from you. Follow the threads here. Do not try to reach for an image, but meditate on openness and see if anything comes to you.

6) Continue the dance of placing full awareness and presence in the place of your body where you feel intensity, noticing if any shifts are taking place, coming back to your nature sanctuary and feeling its peace, and then back to your body again. Are any shifts taking place? If you have received a healing symbol or image, follow the thread of that with non-attachment. Breathe and allow healing to take place.

7) You’ll know you are ready to close out your meditation when you feel a big shift in energy, a wave of gratitude or full-body peace or have an emotional release and feel better. If you’ve come to a place of resistance in your body and can’t go further, do not push it. It is wisest to let that area be for now.

8) Close out your meditation with both hands on your heart, feeling the love and strength of your heart beneath your hands. Grow that love and send it to your entire body as a blessing, breathing with that energy for a few more minutes.

Please don’t skip past these meditations. This is how I guide women through deep healing, and truly create reverberating changes when you have a clear heart + intention to feel a shift along with non-attachment to the outcome. It may/will look different than you imagined. As an example, I’m going to share a story of a session I did with a woman:

A woman (let’s call her Alice) came to me at a women’s gathering. She wanted to explore what womb healing could offer her. She was a musician who lived life on the road and enjoyed it, traveling to different women’s gatherings and sharing her beautiful, soulful songs.

After a time in meditation, creating a good container and ceremonial space, I placed my hands over Alice’s left ovary. I immediately felt a strong female presence and felt open to what it could mean, as always. On the right ovary, there was a palpable darkness that I just sensed did not feel like it belonged to her. I kept receiving the image of a spider’s web on that side, sticky and very dark. When I asked what she felt when placing her awareness in those area, she quickly shared about her childhood. How her mother had died when she was very young, and her father raised her. I sensed that he had fed off her vibrant, youthful, innocent sexual energy since she was a child. Her mother was not there to protect her. She shared she felt the image of a dark, cobweb-y house.

But it also felt very clear that the women on Alice’s maternal line were very present with her, even though they weren’t alive. She exuded their energy, and their spirits filled the room now. When we focused again on her right ovary, where the image of the dark cobwebs and black widow were living, I asked her if any more images came to her. She said she could see a sunflower and the radiant sun shining on it. I told her to focus on that strongly, to keep focusing on that, and immediately I felt the dark energy start to dissipate. She did too.

The energy of her female ancestors that were behind her and within her, was so much stronger. I started to tear up, feeling their love for her as well as compassion for her as a girl, that she didn’t have her mother with her. I told her I’m so sorry about your mom. She sobbed. She needed to feel that for herself. She needed to clear away the darkness. She needed to know that the darkness was not hers, it was her fathers. And she needed to know that she had this powerful strength and beauty and radiant innocence all living within her. This is a beautiful example of energy healing at play. She was able to re-imprint her womb-space from a place of dark energy to connection with the source of her power, and dissolved a cord between herself and her father that had drained her since she was a child. She felt a clear channel to a future spirit baby after this,

As you do this work, always return to these healing principles: go slow, focus on breath and sensations and not stories, and connect to the grounding cord that roots you to the earth. And never push past resistance, as that is the wisdom from your body telling you what lies beneath is too much for you at this time. To push past that resistance does not bring healing, it can re-trigger you. Trust that whatever does come up is ready for you to face and heal. And if nothing more than a peaceful meditation happens, that’s okay too! Trust.

Let’s begin…