Abdominal-Womb Massage

This is where the physical alignment piece comes in. When doing deep inner work, we can’t forget the role of the physical body.

Having a beautiful, simple, and effective practice bridges the gap. It will help bring blood flow and circulation to your entire abdomen, support the alignment of pelvic organs and connect you to your feminine center. What brings physical healing will also bring emotional and spiritual healing.

I include a video that will show you how to do this routine. Feel free to watch it at first until you’ve internalized the technique, paying attention to the details as I’ve instructed. You can’t do it “wrong”, but there’s an effective vs ineffective way!

Please note, this routine as it’s shared is not meant for women who are pregnant or have an IUD. It’s also best to space out eating a couple of hours before doing this massage. Let’s read a few more points and then begin!