10. Our Matrilineage: Raising Daughters + Community Building in these Times with Katherine

Enjoy this conversation with me and my friend Katherine on raising daughters, re-villaging and preserving the old ways and adding in the new, and knowing that our inherent nature of womanhood/motherhood is strength. Katherine also wrote a beautiful, poetic + dreamy book called “The Horned God: A Mythic Remembering”. You can find it here on Amazon.


In this episode we talk about:

– How things have shifted and evolved in Katherine + her daughter’s life until now (babyhood-4 years old), and her instinctive mothering approach

– Importance of being a regulated mother to support children in their emotions + unfolding

– How Katherine has been community-building lately

– The grief of knowing a village as our birthright, and not having it

– The inherent strength of women + mothers

– The magic witchy-ness of our own mothers

– How she builds seasonal cycles of ceremony/ritual into their lives

– Raising girls + boys in the “red tent” + the place of children there

– First moon healings + initiations

– Supporting our daughters through their girlhoods + into womanhood – in wildness, power, heart + strength

– Wild nature time for her daughter

– Envisioning the matriarchal communion, and utilizing mother-strength to move forward in these times