15. Creating Sacred Space with Girls + Being the Wise Auntie – Laura Prentice

In this episode, I talk to Laura Prentice, a woman who leads circles and classes for girls ages 9-18.


We talk about:

– About Laura’s current maiden circle

– Integrating ritual, body literacy/awareness and seasonal connection into older girls’ lives

– A girl’s longing to be in community and in circle

– Cultivating a simple, sacred circle through ritual Laura’s path to working with girls + becoming a FAM and body educator

– How to speak to girls about the magic in their bodies + modeling for the younger girls

– The more challenging parts of holding circle space + how having multiple facilitators is helpful

– The role of mothers and “aunties” in a girl’s life

– About Laura’s women + girls festival, where there will also be a menarche ceremony for girls

– The five blood mysteries, girls vs. boys rites of passage and red tent initiation

– The inherent nature of initiation within a girl’s/woman’s body

– The Crone/Priestess/Menopause time in a woman’s life

– Sacred songs for the death portal

– Laura’s current + future offerings, including her mentorship to support women in starting these circles in their own community in-person.


Laura Prentice is a Fertility Awareness educator. She works with girls who crave deep connection with their bodies, helping them gain a sense of ease and peace around their fertility, health, and pregnancy choices. She runs maiden circles, FAM and cycle classes, and is offering her first women + girls festival in Spring of 2023 in North Texas. You can find Laura on www.beldamwomancare.com and Instagram @beldamwomancare