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20. Holy Reclamation of our Postpartum Birthright – Nicole Parker

My Talk: “Altered Rhythms: Preparing for Postpartum Emergence” – Nourished Postpartum Summit (Plus 15 other RICH video conversations)


In this special mid-week bonus episode in honor of the Nourished Postpartum Summit that I am part of (along with other incredible women), I’m talking with Nicole Parker, the wise mama of 4 who created it all. I wanted to hear about her lived experience and insight. As you’ll listen, this is truly a woman who has a deep love for this sacred time, and wants to see a cultural resurgence around the postpartum conversation, truly centering mother-baby. We talk about:


– Nicole’s path into early motherhood, and loss as her first postpartum experience

– How she describes her first postpartum as bliss and holy reclamation after a traumatic birth

– “I didn’t know humans could access pleasure like this, that we were capable of feeling this good.”

– How she set herself up for the most ease, bringing her partner into awareness on what postpartum looks like

– The father as guardian and protector of mother-baby in the postpartum

– Guiding question: “If your solution for support is anything that steps between mama and child, that’s not actual support. Great motive, but felt sense is one of disruption.”

– What Nicole claimed in her next postpartum experience, how things change when adding a second child and the felt experience of loss and grief

– The postpartum experience of her her 3rd child and how that integration was

– Newborn and toddler rhythms, differences and how to weave them together

– Sibling integration in the postpartum time and beyond, especially the experience of the first-born

– How important it is to prioritize serving new mothers, to show your children and partner what it looks like and making it a core family value

– Committing to holding physical stillness, which translates to emotional and energetic stillness

– How creating a beautiful postpartum doesn’t have to be so hard or exceptional/unattainable

– Core pillars of postpartum wellness and vitality

– Examining your own template for safety, reception, nourishment

– Postpartum care is an *entire* cultural and community prioritization

– About the Nourished Postpartum summit as like sitting at the feet of your community


“Postpartum is the imprint for motherhood”


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