21. Birthing the New Earth through Conscious Conception + Parenting – Jocelyn Gordon

This week I have a special woman on to share her work supporting women and couples in the preconception space, her wild, world-traveling journeys and raising 2 daughters with consciousness, intention and grace. And infused throughout is Jocelyn’s heart on dreaming up a new earth by bringing in “wise, ancient souls”…


We talk about:

– Fertility blocks and conception as a state of yin

– Jocelyn’s work with fertility and conception; the flower of life of all factors that affect our holistic health

– How women know what they need right underneath the surface with a shift from everyday consciousness

– Organic birth – stay human!

– How this new generation of girls is growing up different, appreciating a new type of feminism, seeking balanced partnerships and to be co-creators of the earth, etc.

– External achievement dynamic + matrix mindset, vs. seeing our children as our greatest achievements

– Returning to the profound mystery of creation + procreation

– Jocelyn’s wild, world-traveling journeys with bringing in her 2 daughters

– Raising daughters well + what Jocelyn has brought/is bringing into their lives. Alternative education

– How important consciousness + owning our mistakes is in mothering

– Her daughter’s middle childhood transition ceremony

– No one is a perfect, peaceful mother all the time. It’s not about perfection, it’s about intention

– Conception traditions + creating our own


About Jocelyn

Jocelyn Gordon is a Conscious Conception Coach and embodiment educator helping women and their partners up-level their self-care, remove fertility blocks, and prepare life and home for baby.

Having lived, danced, and studied birth traditions in Bermuda, the U.S., Indonesia, and New Zealand, Jocelyn understands the power of movement and the importance of cultural sensitivity. Touring with Wanderlust Yoga Festivals, being a six-time facilitator at the Bali Spirit Festival, and presenting on the mainstage for Mindvalley at A-Fest Thailand, taught her how to connect with hundreds while speaking directly to the heart of each individual.

Jocelyn’s work integrates embodiment, leadership, and fertility wisdom to support individuals and organizations with innovation, creative problem solving, and mindful living.


Resources Mentioned:

Birthing Bliss: An Introduction to Conscious Conception

Make Space for Baby: A Holistic Preconception Preparation Journey