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22. Alchemy + Healing within the Heart-Womb [Solo Mini Class]

This is a mini-class, taken from my Holistic Pelvic Wellness Guide training to both give women a preview of that well of knowledge, and also offer some information on this important and big topic. In this short class, I talk about:
– The nature of trauma imprints held in the pelvis, and both the traumatic and blissful experiences we hold here
– Women’s experiences and socializations
– How the nature of womb to be receptive, alchemical + to amplify
– When a woman holds trauma here, it holds back her vital life force
– What integrity can look like when being a Wise/Medicine Woman
– Alchemizing pain and grief into bliss and joy
– The deep heart-womb connection
– Trauma as feeling safe within incoherence and disharmony, and attuning to new, uncomfortable rhythms for re-wiring
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