Postpartum Doula Support in Portland, OR/Vancouver, WA and close surrounding areas

I am currently on maternity leave, but will begin supporting new mothers starting in 2025. Be added to the waitlist for support HERE.

I’m intentionally not a professional. Women supporting each other in their postpartum time is ancient, and it is something all of us deserve. I am a mother of young children and I offer sisterly, village-style support to other mothers.

Ideally booking on weekends, or if outside of the weekend, I will bring my own children (newborn and/or 4 year old girl). I offer support around tending to your home, babysitting your older children, cooking and bringing nourishing foods and herbal remedies to you. You share what you are needing, and we work together.

Pricing is $80 for a 2 hour block of time or $150 for a 4 hour block of time. for home/children tending (plus cost of groceries if needed or if additional herbal medicines wanted)

I am on hold for ceremonial and energetic support in this current season, but am available for placenta art/medicine making, and birth story witnessing.

I also offer support to women towards the end of their pregnancies with postpartum planning and freezer meal prepping.

I am a former womb-pelvic bodyworker (and attended many workshops on traditional women’s wisdom, pregnancy and postpartum, womb mysteries, pelvic care, etc), and have also studied Holistic Midwifery with elder midwife Whapio at the Matrona Institute. I wrote the book Pelvic Awakening: Connecting to Your Female Center for Transformation, Healing, and Joy. I have had two unassisted births, and experienced pregnancy loss. I love to offer wisdom on those kinds of experiences.