Hello Women


I’m Bethany, a massage therapist, wild mama, and author of the book Pelvic Awakening. I offer holistic womb and pelvic healing sessions, weaving together intuitive bodywork and ceremony, energy medicine, and deep presence.

I’m passionate about the sacred continuum of pre-conception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum and nurturing new mothers. I love to offer holistic, empowering women’s health care and body-based education. I aim to create a safe, healing space to help women reclaim vitality, balance and peace in their bodies.

I believe deep healing can come when a woman reclaims rootedness in her pelvic bowl.


Start here if you’re wondering why your connection to your pelvic bowl is important, and how to cultivate it.

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Here if you want to deepen your healing with a one-on-one session.

Looking for deep-dive education on female movement and healing after birth? Online education coming in March 2021! Stay tuned.

“The female pelvis is mysterious. Unlike an arm where the borders are clearly defined and we can see and visualize it easily, this part of us can feel like a territory underground. Within your body, there may be many layers of shame and trauma, or stories of violation – but there is a hidden jewel for those who wish to uncover: the truth that this is your home. Within this area lies the source of your power, and literally and figuratively your creative energy. It can be a wellspring of ecstatic pleasure and transcendent love. Its capacity to hold all of this is greater than you may yet know.