When a woman roots within her pelvic bowl, she finds the deep well of power and knowing that lives within – she comes back home to herself...

The womb is not a place to store negativity and fear. It’s a place to create and give birth to life…

I have seen deep transformation happen when women re-connect to their pelvic space, remembering that this is the core of them. That within, lies a voice that guides them powerfully.

In private sessions in person (Santa Fe, NM), I blend abdominal-pelvic bodywork with energy healing, body listening, guided visualizations and ceremonial space holding, creating a potent and unique transformative experience.

Distance sessions include guided meditations, story medicine, sharing of physical and energetic healing modalities, and intuitive guidance for your journey.

“Bethany held space for me to share my experiences as I journeyed through my own discoveries of my body. I had the opportunity to learn so much juicy information about my pelvic bowl, intravaginal massage, abdominal massage and conscious conception. Bethany was the supportive guide, not only sharing education but also physically showing me many techniques and methods. I am now implementing these and fully taking sovereignty over my body. Rather than trying to “fix” a perceived “issue” I have re-framed this to digging deeper to learn more about myself. I especially enjoyed the relaxed nature of our conversation, allowing whatever needed to come out to do just that. Marrying the spiritual, emotional, and physical. Thank you for your wisdom Bethany–I’m so glad we connected!”

Eva Greenberg

“The spiritual healing component Bethany brought made the experience profound. Her intuitive touch alongside her skill set made for a very holistic healing journey. I came away from the experience with tools to deepen my practice of tuning in with myself on a daily basis. I would highly recommend Bethany if you are looking for physical, emotional, and/or spiritual healing for your womb.”

Amara Dreamer

“I received such a beautiful womb healing session from Bethany, focusing on Maya Abdominal and Holistic Pelvic work. I highly suggest you go see her, ladies! It’s so beautiful to explore and discover more about ourselves through this grounding work and even how it affects both the masculine and feminine energy within us.”

Bella Martinez

“Bethany’s gentle guidance through meditations, visuals and more helped me connect deeper to my whole body. I loved learning about the anatomical interconnectedness of our power centers! She helped me release stored emotions and traumas that I didn’t realize were holding me back. I gained insightful tools for setting and reinforcing my boundaries. I am grateful for all the ways I learned to deepen and strengthen my connection to my vessel! Thank you!”

Ariana S

I had a mother-led pregnancy and birth supported by my husband, two dear female friends + all of the women who have gone before me. It was the most transformational experience of my life; a firewalk and portal to wild motherhood.

It wasn’t without working through my fears + unlearning so much. I’m here to walk with you along your journey wherever you are at, showing you the safety of undisturbed, physiological birth + how to get deeply tuned into your instinctual voice.

I love supporting women along the motherhood continuum: from pre-conception preparation to being honored and heard during pregnancy, working through fears and blocks before birth, and offering support, healing bodywork + ceremony during and after birth

I wrote this book because I have worked with women for years around womb and pelvic healing and connection, and I wanted to bring this information to more women than I could reach in private sessions.

Knowing that our center as women lives within our pelvic space.

Knowing that its nature and gifts lie in its receptivity, its magnetism, its alchemy.

In this book, I share about SO much – energetic and physical anatomy, history of sexual cultivation practices, transformations during motherhood, working with trauma and emotions, and lots of meditations and practices to find healing.