Do you feel the calling to walk with sovereign women in their pelvic healing journeys?

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I always held a vision of supporting women in their womb + pelvic healing. Back then, there really wasn’t a lot of information or models. So I opened myself up to be a channel for something beyond me. And to learn from the women..

Over the years, one step at a time, I followed my inner guidance.

Then, I had an autonomous pregnancy and birth that changed how I viewed every system + structure I was part of.

I began to see everywhere in the wellness world – imbalanced, inherited power dynamics that didn’t serve women fully. Even in conscious, holistic practitioners.

I view healing as a true rite of passage, a mysterious journey of consciousness + alchemy. It includes the emotional, spiritual and energetic aspects, while also holding a grounded-ness in the physical and practical.

After becoming a mother, I started to unpack and critique structures of licensure and consider what it meant to really serve women in their sovereign health. I gave up my massage license, and gave women all the tools, all the power, to do this work on themselves. I trusted them. I realized I wasn’t needed, but I was wanted.

I claimed the title of Wise Woman.


I have had the honor of walking with women in their conscious conception journeys and healing after birth injuries, endometriosis, pelvic pain, sexual trauma, and so much more that comes up when working in this space.

After a decade of being in women’s wellness, I am now a mentor for women’s holistic pracititioners and others who feel the call to serve women in their pelvic wellness.

Join us in re-envisioning what true wellness can look like!

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In re-envisioning what women's wellness can look like
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Bethany held space for me to share my experiences and I had the opportunity to learn so much juicy information about my pelvic bowl, yoni massage, abdominal massage, conscious conception, etc. Bethany was the supportive guide, sharing education and showing me many techniques and methods. Thank you for your wisdom!

Eva Greenberg

Bethany has such a warm and soothing energy, I felt like I was sitting with a beloved sister or auntie who was passing down this incredible women’s wisdom. All we need is within us, but sometimes we need a mirror to be able to see it. The depth of knowledge she shares is so beautiful. This way of being is something all sisters should know!

Alexandra Wright

I wrote my book after witnessing this again and again.

The foundation of this book is the knowing that our center as women lives within our pelvic space.

The knowing that our nature and gifts lie in our receptivity, our magnetism, our alchemy.

In this book, I share about SO much – energetic and physical anatomy, history of sexual cultivation practices, transformations during motherhood, working with trauma and emotions, and many meditations and practices to find healing.

I know the longing to release the stories and memories that keep us feeling broken, disempowered, and less-than-vibrant. I also know what it’s like to heal, rebirth, and reclaim.

For sovereign women who want the tools for self-healing, DIY womb-care, and remembering the possibility that is your birthright, begin here