Hello Women


I’m Bethany, a massage therapist, wild mama, and creator of the podcast Rooted Alchemy. I offer holistic womb and pelvic healing sessions, weaving together intuitive and traditional bodywork, energy medicine and deep presence.

I have hundreds of hours of advanced training and private mentorship in women’s pelvic bodywork, including during pregnancy and the postpartum time. I also have a Bachelor of Arts in Somatic Studies, where I spent my last year engaged in independent study on how trauma is stored in the body and gentle, natural ways to heal.

I’m passionate about the sacred continuum of pre-conception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum and nurturing new mothers. I love to offer holistic, empowering women’s health care and body-based education. I aim to create a safe, healing space to help women reclaim vitality, balance and peace in their bodies.

I believe deep healing can come when a woman reclaims rootedness in her pelvic bowl. 

Kind Words

Today was BLISSFUL. Rainy mornings, and some deeply nourishing bodywork. I received such a beautiful womb healing session. We focused some time on Maya Abdominal and Holistic Pelvic work. I highly suggest you go see her, ladies! It’s so beautiful to explore and discover more about ourselves through this grounding work and even how it affects both the masculine and feminine energy within us.
Bella Martinez

LMT + Holistic Esthetician, Spirit of Ixchel

I thoroughly enjoyed receiving Maya Abdominal Massage with Bethany. The spiritual healing component she brought made the experience profound. Her intuitive touch alongside her skill set made for a very holistic healing journey. I came away from the experience with tools to deepen my practice of tuning in with myself on a daily basis. I would highly recommend Bethany if you are looking for physical, emotional, and/or spiritual healing for your womb.
Amara Dreamer

Mentor & Coach, Wildheart Nature School