Pelvic Awakening shares how to embody your integrity and power as a woman through connection to your pelvic space. Throughout the book, there are numerous tools and practices on pelvic wellness and healing from a physical, emotional, spiritual, and energetic perspective. You will learn about…

· Female pelvic physical and energetic anatomy
· Esoteric and ancient energy cultivation traditions
· The physical, spiritual and energetic transformations during motherhood
· Pelvic floor exercises and massage for healing and connecting to yourself
· Working with trauma and emotions in your pelvic space
· Ancient women’s wisdom and practices
· Integration of everything into your modern life

… and more!

Want a deeper dive into pelvic healing? Check out my course Pelvic Awakening, which guides you through healing, clearing + aligning your womb and pelvic space. This is the next place to start if after my book you want more, or even instead of my book to get right into the deeper realms of healing.